When You Discover Your Child Watching Porn

No parents want to find out that their son or daughter has been viewing pornography, but every parent should plan for it. A 2016 Barna study revealed that over two-thirds of 13-24-year-old males and one-third of 13-24-year-old females are viewing pornography at least monthly. In all likelihood, that number has increased in the past fiveContinue reading “When You Discover Your Child Watching Porn”

Pardon Me? Your Habits Are Showing.

Remember when people were excited about the end of 2020? Now, at the end of 2021, such excitement seems naive. The pandemic lingers. Polarization remains high. People remain tired. Many churches are still struggling to regain their footing. Reports suggest many pastors are ready to resign. Nobody’s enjoying the disruption to our long-term plans, butContinue reading “Pardon Me? Your Habits Are Showing.”

Why Do We Struggle So Much with Lust?

This may sound too simple, but the answer to this question is, because we are human, and therefore sinful (Psalm 51:5). Our hearts are deceptively wicked, even believers’ hearts, because we won’t be free of sin until glory (2 Corinthians 3:18) when Christians will have totally surrendered to Christ’s Lordship. Strong sexual desire in and ofContinue reading “Why Do We Struggle So Much with Lust?”

When Pornography Has You in It’s Grip

I remember the before and after of my conversion to Christianity. I remember before being married and after—before having children and after. There is one before and after that stands out among them all. Though it has so profoundly changed me, I have yet to speak of it publically, and rarely privately. Before this event,Continue reading “When Pornography Has You in It’s Grip”