A Non-Woke Take on Racism

A lot is being written and stated these days regarding the church’s responsibility where the issue of racism is concerned. The torrent of views coming from within and without conservative evangelical circles is mind-boggling and at a minimum, disjointed and confusing. Somehow, the church has been saddled with the responsibility to end racism, and worse,Continue reading “A Non-Woke Take on Racism”

Jesus Moves Towards Us in the Moment of Our Shame

The unfailing love of Jesus is unspeakably glorious, sacred, and precious—especially right after sexual sin because our sexuality is so delicate and personal and our consciences are especially tender in this area of sin. So we are so grieved that the steep letdown after a visit to a porn site—after the short gratification—is so injuringContinue reading “Jesus Moves Towards Us in the Moment of Our Shame”

Your Battle Isn’t With Porn

In the final days of his life, John Wesley, a minister in the Church of England, wrote a letter to a young politician named William Wilberforce. Wesley had urged him to use his political clout for opposing the slave trade in the British Empire. Wilberforce did. He made that fight his life mission. He wasContinue reading “Your Battle Isn’t With Porn”

A Fatal First

Proverbs 4:20-27 Make no mistake! Your heart is under siege. Like marauding hordes surrounding a fortress, advertisers, porn moguls, and media mavens scheme to find a point of entry. They lob projectiles and drop subtle baits, looking for weaknesses, and shout taunts, hoping to gain an entrance. They want in so they can bring youContinue reading “A Fatal First”

I Despised Her to My Shame

She was an older single lady missionary. There were two families at the church’s missions conference, one on deputation going to serve in Uruguay (South America), and my family on home assignment from Cambodia (Southeast Asia). The family going to Uruguay was going to train people for ministry and help churches there become indigenous. MyContinue reading “I Despised Her to My Shame”

Not Reporting Child Abuse

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has identified “egregious failings” by religious organizations in the areas of child protection and safeguarding. In its latest report, IICSA said there was “no doubt that the sexual abuse of children takes place in a broad range of religious settings”. In some of the religious organizations itContinue reading “Not Reporting Child Abuse”

Invested in Your Weakness

How well are you investing the weaknesses you’ve been given? Perhaps no one has ever asked you that question before. Perhaps it sounds nonsensical. After all, people invest assets in order to increase their value. They don’t invest liabilities. They try to eliminate or minimize or even cover up liabilities. It’s easy for us toContinue reading “Invested in Your Weakness”