Can We Know Anything for Sure?

Many today fail to see the importance of grounding their reasoning process in reality in spite of the fact that whatever is not based on reality is un-reality, in other words, unreal. The slippery slope of subjectivism and relativism is the result of such “reasoning” manufactured in the imaginations of the mind rather than inContinue reading “Can We Know Anything for Sure?”

How Satan Comforts the Bereaved

My Dear Globdrop, Words fail to express how pleased I am that your man attended his uncle’s funeral, after all. You did well to heed my counsel, nephew, despite Screwtape’s unsolicited “advising to the contrary.” Last week your great uncle and I engaged in a lively dispute concerning the question at hand: Is encouraging theContinue reading “How Satan Comforts the Bereaved”

Many Christians Struggle to Read the Bible on Their Own

Many Christians struggle to understand Scripture without help from others, new research has found.  Over half (57%) of the 1,002 US Protestant churchgoers surveyed by Lifeway Research said it was challenging to make sense of the Bible when they read it on their own.  “Churchgoers are ready to defend the Bible as true and asContinue reading “Many Christians Struggle to Read the Bible on Their Own”

The 5 Friends You Need to Stay in Touch With

“Social distancing” is poor phrase for what we’re going through right now. What it means is good — people should be physically distancing themselves to protect each other from COVID-19. But socially, we need to be closer than ever — lovingly pouring into each other through whatever safe means we can. That can mean Zoom,Continue reading “The 5 Friends You Need to Stay in Touch With”