Praying for Your Teenager’s Purity

Sexual Temptation Abounds Evil has abounded in every age; yet today’s children face unique danger. Sex is assumed in most dating relationships. Pornography is as accessible as checking the weather. Phone apps provide opportunities for anonymous hookups. As a parent of six children, I bear the responsibility to guard and guide them through this treacherousContinue reading “Praying for Your Teenager’s Purity”

Jon Voight Confesses

Hollywood actor, Jon Voight, has said that he strives to be “righteous” and has a “fear of the Lord”. Voight revealed how at one point in his life he was facing difficulties following a divorce, and struggling with his career. It was at this point that a voice of “wisdom, kindness…and clarity” spoke to him.Continue reading “Jon Voight Confesses”

The Best Thing in Life

“What is the best thing in life,” asks Packer, “bringing more joy, delight and contentment than anything else? Knowledge of God.” This should come as no surprise to those familiar with Packer. Knowing God is of central importance in living a life that is both productive for oneself and pleasing to God. This is simplyContinue reading “The Best Thing in Life”

Researching the “We” Over the “I”

The book and later movie, Moneyball, tells the true story of the Oakland A’s baseball team and their general manager, Billy Beane, who came to a crossroads in the way the team had to approach Major League Baseball. At that time, the A’s had a minuscule payroll compared to the large market clubs, and thingsContinue reading “Researching the “We” Over the “I””

My 6 Month Experiment with Christianity Just Won’t Quit

Even at the distance of over 40 years, I still remember having my fingerprints documented for my criminal record. It was the first time in my life I had felt ashamed about anything. The young police constable was pleasant enough as he gently guided me through the process of fingers, thumbs, and ink pads. HeContinue reading “My 6 Month Experiment with Christianity Just Won’t Quit”

The Illogical Nature of Atheism

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you know that atheism seems to be on the march. So, naturally, I wasn’t surprised when over a thousand atheists rushed to IMDb in 2016 to give a film I’d released, The Atheist Delusion, a one-star or “awful” rating. When we made theContinue reading “The Illogical Nature of Atheism”