Living Alone Is Not a Sentence

Quarantines and social-distancing mandates have seemed to only exacerbate the ongoing problem of loneliness — particularly for the same-sex-attracted single woman or man. It has become commonplace for me to hear, “I am afraid of being alone for the rest of my life.” But this feeling, though understandable, is based on a faulty premise: singlenessContinue reading “Living Alone Is Not a Sentence”

The Dangers of a Successful COVID Vaccine

Our newsfeeds are full of encouraging results in trials of potential vaccines for COVID-19. I need to start this countercultural article by saying I really hope we get an effective vaccine. I hope we get it soon. I hope it can be rolled out, not only in my own country, but all over the world.Continue reading “The Dangers of a Successful COVID Vaccine”

Hope Is Better Than Nostalgia

Let me begin with the confession that I am deeply nostalgic. Merriam-Webster defines nostalgic as “longing for or thinking fondly of a past time of condition.”[1] Smells, songs, sceneries, places, people—they all have a way of taking me “way back” (and I’m only 29). The most random and insignificant things do it for me—the smell of diesel fuelContinue reading “Hope Is Better Than Nostalgia”

Things I Did That My Kids Never Will

You’ve probably had this experience with one of your children—the experience of trying to explain something that was a part of your childhood, but is completely foreign to theirs. Though we aren’t that far removed from the years when we were young, the pace of technological change has been unparalleled. What was mind-blowing in theContinue reading “Things I Did That My Kids Never Will”

If We Had Nothing Else to Be Thankful For

You are my God, and I will give thanks to you; you are my God; I will extol you. Psalm 119:28  Heavenly Father, whether we’re “feelin’ the love,” or are in a difficult place, we want to wage war against comparing, coveting, and carping. If we had nothing else to be grateful for, you’ve already givenContinue reading “If We Had Nothing Else to Be Thankful For”