Trusting Him Enough to Say Thank You

What does it mean to trust God? It sounds like good and biblical advice. I certainly don’t have anything against trusting God, but sometimes telling someone to trust God is like telling a drowning man or woman, “Just swim.” He or she already knows that. And trusting God is especially hard at Thanksgiving when we’reContinue reading “Trusting Him Enough to Say Thank You”

Our Focus on Thanksgiving Day

The original thanksgiving celebration was held by the Pilgrim settlers in Massachusetts during their second winter in America in December, 1621. The first winter had killed 44 of the original 102 colonists. At one point their daily food ration was down to five kernels of corn apiece, but then an unexpected trading vessel arrived, swappingContinue reading “Our Focus on Thanksgiving Day”

Intentional Gratitude

Have you ever read the passage of scripture that outlined the journey the Israelites took on their way to the promised land? The promise God made and fulfilled having freed them from their oppressors, the Egyptians. In my reflections on their murmuring and complaints during the journey I often considered them ungrateful. Imagine sitting underContinue reading “Intentional Gratitude”