How Do We Judge Art and Music?

If you or I want to pursue the best music or art in life, it’s only fair that we discuss at this point how one identifies the best things so as to pursue them. One encounters a bewildering array of recommendations. Charlie Brown’s friend Schroeder likes Beethoven. Bill Clinton likes Fleetwood Mac. One’s roommate swearsContinue reading “How Do We Judge Art and Music?”

How Do We Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving?

In ancient Israel, when the people of God gathered at the temple to worship the Lord, they began by chanting this psalm: “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name” (Psalm 100:4, NKJV). The psalmist opened his chorus inviting fellow worshipers to shareContinue reading “How Do We Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving?”

A Message for Those Who Are Too Full of Themselves

Over the years, many churches have developed a model to explain disciple giving and the tithe. Others have used a donor pyramid where a member moves over time from the first gifts (tithes) to annual giving to major gifts and then planned gifts. For today’s connected disciple, it is no longer a linear path toContinue reading “A Message for Those Who Are Too Full of Themselves”

The Best Thanksgiving Meal I Ever Ate was in February

A neighbor of ours who lived just down the hall from us came by and knocked on our door. He had just gotten back from the food pantry. He held up a frozen turkey, explained that he only liked to eat the dark meat, and he wondered if we might like the other parts? TakenContinue reading “The Best Thanksgiving Meal I Ever Ate was in February”

Radical Gratitude

The notion of gratitude is hot these days. Search the Internet, and you’ll find more than a million sites about thankfulness. For example, university psychologists recently conducted a research project on gratitude and thanksgiving. They divided participants into three groups. People in the first group practiced daily exercises like writing in a gratitude journal. TheyContinue reading “Radical Gratitude”