If We Could Just Melt the Polar Ice

Polarized. If I were to summarize American culture and politics right now, polarized is the first word that comes to mind. Progressives and conservatives keep moving further apart. Republicans and Democrats can barely shake each other’s hands and listen to each other’s speeches, let alone work together to solve the nation’s problems. On social media, respect and civilityContinue reading “If We Could Just Melt the Polar Ice”

The Amazon Driver Pausing To Pray For Baby With Heart Condition

It’s a quiet reminder of kindness and solidarity, as an Amazon delivery woman says a prayer and crosses herself before heading back to her van. The gesture was recorded by Raquel and Derek Pearson’s doorbell camera and was made after the family had left a note attached to their front door, explaining the dire situationContinue reading “The Amazon Driver Pausing To Pray For Baby With Heart Condition”

How and When to Offend

I recently said in an interview that, as a Christian preacher, “My goal is to offend everyone.” That’s not an argument for boorish behavior in the pulpit. The gospel isn’t adorned by anti-social evangelists or cantankerous Christians. God’s people should strive to be polite, winsome, and well-mannered in dealing with the world. Rather, my pointContinue reading “How and When to Offend”

A Match Made in Poland

Andrzej Korytkowski survived a complicated and traumatic family life that resulted in his parents’ messy divorce when he was 13. His mother became preoccupied with recovering from the breakup of her marriage and re-establishing herself, so she did not focus much energy on Andrzej and his brother. The boys spent most of their days withContinue reading “A Match Made in Poland”