Sing with Your Face

Surely, this is a post only a Presbyterian needs to write. For I speak of the blank and even dour looks often seen on people’s faces when they are singing in worship. In other ecclesiastical settings, they probably do not have to even address this matter. Seeing other churches worship, whether it is one inContinue reading “Sing with Your Face”

Why An Evangelical Voted for an Humanist

Last week, The New York Times ran a provocative piece stating that the new president of the Harvard Chaplains is an atheist. Greg Epstein was elected unanimously last spring by his fellow Harvard chaplains. I am one of the people who voted for him. For seven years, I have worked at Harvard as an evangelicalContinue reading “Why An Evangelical Voted for an Humanist”

When Rivers Reverse Course

Let’s be honest. High-profile Christian leadership failures and the resulting controversies have devastated the global church of Christ in the past three years. (And devastated is not too strong a word to use.) The exposure of deceit and duplicity in the personal lives of recognized Christian leaders has caused overwhelming shock and grief in theContinue reading “When Rivers Reverse Course”

What Is Wrong with These People. That Was Not a Question.

A recent article (which I will not link here) proclaimed the salacious news that a Christian woman is stripping online (and getting rich in the process) because that is what God what wants her to do. She claims to have a personal relationship with Jesus, but without the baggage of thousands of years of man-madeContinue reading “What Is Wrong with These People. That Was Not a Question.”

Down’s Syndrome Daughter Writes Entire Bible by Hand

Kenny Campbell was doing some spring cleaning when he found a stack of papers with his daughter Caroline’s handwriting on them. He looked at the pages and realized there was something special about them. It was Scripture, copied word for word by hand. Current Issue The Campbells attend Community Bible Church in Beaufort County, SouthContinue reading “Down’s Syndrome Daughter Writes Entire Bible by Hand”