The Agora

On the mountain of transfiguration, the disciples were stunned by the breakthrough of the dazzling glory of Christ. What previously was veiled by His humanity, hidden from the sight of mortals, suddenly burst through the veil in translucent radiance. With but one glimpse, the disciples were paralyzed. They had but one consuming desire—to abide inContinue reading “The Agora”

Why Christians Stay Silent

Most Americans are interested in conversations about Christianity, but few Christians seem willing to talk about their faith, according to a recent Evangelism Explosion study conducted by Lifeway Research. Why aren’t Christians more willing or proactive to discuss their faith?In my years teaching evangelism in the local church, on the mission field, and in academicContinue reading “Why Christians Stay Silent”

Should I Become an Activist?

The two great heresies that have plagued the church on the issue of sanctification for centuries are the heresies of activism and quietism. The twin distortions are guilty of eliminating one or the other pole of the paradox. In activism, God’s working is swallowed up by human self-righteousness. In quietism, the human struggle is swallowedContinue reading “Should I Become an Activist?”

Cooper Kupp Is Most Valuable in So Many Ways

His team, the Los Angeles Rams, ended up winning the Super Bowl, and Cooper Kupp was named Most Valuable Player. But regardless of that, even if they’d lost and Kupp had not played well, everything he says would still be true. In fact, in the first interview above, Kupp says that because of his growthContinue reading “Cooper Kupp Is Most Valuable in So Many Ways”

Never Underestimate the Passing Conversation

Language learning is a time-intensive activity, and language students sometimes dread those long hours of concentrated study, when their head is down in a book or they’re sitting in a language class. They forget they’re also learning the language when, in a foreign nation, they listen to the radio, watch cartoons with their kids, orContinue reading “Never Underestimate the Passing Conversation”

The Greatest Influence on Our Teenagers and Children

Why are parents the most important figures shaping the religious lives and futures of their children in the United States? The primary and powerful role of parents in religious socialization may seem obvious to readers today. But that is because we are familiar with our current system, not because it is historically normal or inevitable.Continue reading “The Greatest Influence on Our Teenagers and Children”