Battlefield or Mission Field? You Decide

Does it seem like your social media newsfeed is full of division and anger right now? You’re not alone. Between an election year in the United States, a global pandemic, social justice tensions, and holiday stress, there’s a lot of kindling for keyboard warriors. But what if Christians viewed social media not as a culturalContinue reading “Battlefield or Mission Field? You Decide”

Do I Dare Tell People I Had An Abortion?

How do I communicate about my sexual past—which sadly includes two abortions—to the people in my life? I often hear from women trying to process the aftermath of an abortion. What I like to do is pour a cup of coffee and invite them to tell me the whole story. I share mine, too, andContinue reading “Do I Dare Tell People I Had An Abortion?”

The Good ‘American’

For those of us who have lived only in the United States, the stories we hear of past hostilities between whites and blacks here might seem like some of the most hostile in history. The brutal atrocity of chattel slavery, and the curse of Jim Crow, still hang for many like dark clouds over ourContinue reading “The Good ‘American’”

Silencing the Pulpits

Christians are too afraid to share their view of sexuality for fear of legal repercussions and discrimination, says a Finnish MP being investigated over comments she made about same-sex relationships. Päivi Räsänen told Finnish website Ilta Sanomat she had been contacted by pastors across the country who are worried their writings or sermons could be breaking the law. RäsänenContinue reading “Silencing the Pulpits”

We’re Electing a President, not a Savior and Sovereign

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” Ps. 46:10 He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. Daniel 2:21 Lord Jesus, Americans will elect a president tomorrow—a great honor, prayerful matter, and big deal. So, keepContinue reading “We’re Electing a President, not a Savior and Sovereign”

When Neighbors Are Not Neighborly

Much like family, we don’t choose our neighbors. Depending on the situation, this can be delightful or dreadful. But even when it’s dreadful, Jesus commands us to love our neighbors. Yes, but . . . [enter reason you shouldn’t love your neighbor here]. I fear that, like the ancient school of Hillel, we whip upContinue reading “When Neighbors Are Not Neighborly”

The Origins of Halloween and How We Should Respond

What is the origin of Halloween? According to this article, many believe it began with the ‘Summer’s End’ festival, or Samhain celebrated 2,000 years ago as the beginning of the Celtic year. During this festival time, Celtic farmers brought livestock in for the winter and harvested their crops. They sacrificed fruits of the harvest and the bestContinue reading “The Origins of Halloween and How We Should Respond”