When Your Social Media Posts Steps on Someone You Like

I felt immediate dread when I saw the Facebook notification. A brother in Christ and trusted ministry partner questioned a political essay I’d posted, suggesting in his comment that I’d been divisive. I worried about damaging a friendship I really valued. What could I do to make peace? After a year like 2020, our relationshipsContinue reading “When Your Social Media Posts Steps on Someone You Like”

Afraid to Share Your Faith Around Your Family?

The idea of sharing your faith with family can seem daunting. They’re the people you have the closest relationship with and the ones you ache to discover God’s goodness. But they can also be the last people you want to share your faith with because it can create a lot of tension. As long asContinue reading “Afraid to Share Your Faith Around Your Family?”

Get Off the Cruise Ship and into the Rescue Boat

When describing the difficulty in creating a more thoughtful version of Christianity in America, I sometimes describe the Church as a large ocean liner. If we, as Christian Case Makers, hope to have a significant impact on what appears to be a sometimes uninformed (or apathetic) Christian culture, we must turn this large ship oneContinue reading “Get Off the Cruise Ship and into the Rescue Boat”

The Legacy of Those Who Believe Worthily

Giant fists and midget hearts, university graduates in things physical, kindergarten failures in things spiritual. Thus might we well describe our day and generation. There have been ages and eras in which people desired to bless the world but lacked the physical equipment. Ours is an age in which we have the physical equipment inContinue reading “The Legacy of Those Who Believe Worthily”