You Just Can’t Get Rid of the Stench

Marie Stopes International announced that it will henceforth be known as MSI Reproductive Choices, in an attempt to distance themselves from their eugenicist founder, Marie Stopes. “A rose by any other name” as Shakespeare famously wrote, “would smell as sweet.” Giving Marie Stopes another name will do nothing to clear the foul stench of deathContinue reading “You Just Can’t Get Rid of the Stench”

The Glory of Motherhood

Moms often measure their lives by the opportunities outside of the home they say no to. Regularly, we say no to serving more in ministry or taking on more hospitality. We say no to opportunities to grow or use our gifts. We say no to free-time activities because our time is not free. In theContinue reading “The Glory of Motherhood”

The Rightful Risks of Motherhood

As we remember eternity and embrace death for Christ as gain, then our lives will change. One change I predict is that we will stop helicopter mothering ourselves and the people around us. To helicopter mother is to hover over others with the intent of controlling them and/or the circumstances surrounding them. You’ve probably heardContinue reading “The Rightful Risks of Motherhood”

Let Her Alone and Don’t Touch That Child

The vast majority of Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, support the preservation of single-sex spaces and women’s sports as female-only, a new survey has found. The poll, which was conducted by Spry Strategies on behalf of Women’s Liberation Front, found that a majority of likely voters in the 2020 election object to “gender identity” policies,Continue reading “Let Her Alone and Don’t Touch That Child”

How Colson Thought Abortion Would End

During a recent prayer gathering on the National Mall, Terry Beatley, a commissioned Colson Fellow and president of a pro-life organization called the Hosea Initiative, reminded the crowd of a story Chuck Colson told in a BreakPoint commentary 25 years ago. The story, of how God changed the heart of one of our nation’s most notorious abortionists, isContinue reading “How Colson Thought Abortion Would End”

How Do You Keep Your Child from Becoming Cynical in this World

1. Illustrate the paradox. From the earliest age, teach the children from the Bible, day in and day out, with specific biblical statements about this paradox of shrewdness like snakes and innocence like doves. And fill out the teachings with stories from the Bible — and then maybe stories from Christian history, biography, or fromContinue reading “How Do You Keep Your Child from Becoming Cynical in this World”

Calls for Legal Action Against Netflix’s “Cuties”

There have been calls for legal action to be taken against Netflix over the film “Cuties”, which critics say amounts to child exploitation. Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and Indiana Rep. Jim Banks told the Daily Caller they want the Department of Justice to bring legal action against Netflix over the release of the French film, whichContinue reading “Calls for Legal Action Against Netflix’s “Cuties””

Young Christians Are Lonely Despite Being the Most Connected

Tech is a way of life for many Millennials and Gen Z-ers but it’s not filling the emotional gap and most pastors are not being proactive in teaching them how to use it wisely, research by Barna suggests. Studies by the group show that a majority of pastors (85%) feel “very” or “somewhat” worried aboutContinue reading “Young Christians Are Lonely Despite Being the Most Connected”