Disrespectful Children

They are the bane of restaurants and grocery stores. They create chaos, stress, and embarrassment for their parents and everyone else. And in a culture where unearned affirmations and self-expression are seen as inalienable rights, disrespectful and disobedient children are becoming more common. Disrespectful children are not a credit to anyone (Proverbs 17:25), including themselves,Continue reading “Disrespectful Children”

To Grandmother’s House We Go

I remember as a little girl going to my grandmother’s house and the first thing my sister and I would do was run into the guest bedroom and pull out the bottom drawer of a dresser. Inside were blocks, books, and my very favorite, a pair of old, high heels that we would fight overContinue reading “To Grandmother’s House We Go”

When Did Parents Become the Child’s Greatest Threat?

Almost overnight, millions of American parents discovered that they are what they never planned to be—homeschoolers. It is ironic, therefore, that Harvard Magazine decided to run an article entitled, “The Risks of Homeschooling.” The author of the article is Erin O’Donnell, but the main figure behind the ideological thrust of the story is Elizabeth Bartholet,Continue reading “When Did Parents Become the Child’s Greatest Threat?”

18,000 Children Missing

From 2018-2020, over 18,000 unaccompanied child migrants have gone missing in Europe. These children hail from countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Eritrea, and Guinea. Moving alone puts them in danger of exploitation. AMG International works with refugees in Greece, one of the countries with the highest rate of disappearances. Brian Dennett says, “The issue of childContinue reading “18,000 Children Missing”

You Just Can’t Get Rid of the Stench

Marie Stopes International announced that it will henceforth be known as MSI Reproductive Choices, in an attempt to distance themselves from their eugenicist founder, Marie Stopes. “A rose by any other name” as Shakespeare famously wrote, “would smell as sweet.” Giving Marie Stopes another name will do nothing to clear the foul stench of deathContinue reading “You Just Can’t Get Rid of the Stench”

The Rightful Risks of Motherhood

As we remember eternity and embrace death for Christ as gain, then our lives will change. One change I predict is that we will stop helicopter mothering ourselves and the people around us. To helicopter mother is to hover over others with the intent of controlling them and/or the circumstances surrounding them. You’ve probably heardContinue reading “The Rightful Risks of Motherhood”

Let Her Alone and Don’t Touch That Child

The vast majority of Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, support the preservation of single-sex spaces and women’s sports as female-only, a new survey has found. The poll, which was conducted by Spry Strategies on behalf of Women’s Liberation Front, found that a majority of likely voters in the 2020 election object to “gender identity” policies,Continue reading “Let Her Alone and Don’t Touch That Child”

How Colson Thought Abortion Would End

During a recent prayer gathering on the National Mall, Terry Beatley, a commissioned Colson Fellow and president of a pro-life organization called the Hosea Initiative, reminded the crowd of a story Chuck Colson told in a BreakPoint commentary 25 years ago. The story, of how God changed the heart of one of our nation’s most notorious abortionists, isContinue reading “How Colson Thought Abortion Would End”