Dressed for the Weather

Ephesians 6:13-18

I don’t know about you but these weathermen could use a little help.  My coat never quite matches the weather and I find myself too hot or too cold.  Then the idea struck me.  What if knew what spiritual weather I would face today?  Would that help me?

It would if I dressed accordingly.  So consider the following dress appropriate for today.  Our first prayer before rising should include step-by-step application of God’s armor. 

First,we strap on the belt of truth.  A leather apron protected the Roman soldier’s abdomen; our protective girdle is the truth of who we are in Christ: saints with supernatural power from God’s indwelling Spirit.

Next, the breastplate deflects arrows. As difficult situations arise,we can repel the temptation to live by emotion—whether anger, fear, or dissatisfaction—and respond with a right spirit instead.

The sandals of peace help us to stand firm.  Roman battle sandals usually had thick, spiked soles so that the soldier could anchor himself in the dirt.  Regardless of the fierce enemy rushing against us, we can remain firmly planted in God’s peaceful will.

The shield of faith is no  tiny, round piece of armor; it is door-sized equipment representing Christ’s protection against anything Satan throws.  Faith brought us salvation—the point at which we exchanged our old thought patterns for new ways of thinking.  Consequently, with salvation’s helmet, we put on the mind of Christ, which gives us discernment and wisdom.

Finally, we take up the sword of the Spirit so that we can combat Satan’s lies with Scripture’s truth.

Now here’s the neat part.  Knowing precisely what we will face each day, the Lord has graciously
provided the perfect equipment needed for our challenges.  So don’t worry about the spiritual weather.  Put on the right armor and the day is yours.

P.S. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  They are greatly appreciated.

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