The Trick of Tolerance

In today’s relativistic, postmodern world, one word can stop an ambassador for Christ in his tracks: “tolerance.” No judgments allowed. No “forcing” personal opinions. All views are equally valid. Once, in a discussion with a class of Christian high school seniors, I wrote two sentences on the board. The first—“All views are equally valid”—expressed theContinue reading “The Trick of Tolerance”

Before I Sleep…

In a world that often exalts self-promotion and individualism, the call to humility and selfless service like Christ stands as a stark contrast. It challenges our innate tendencies and confronts the cultural currents that surround us. Yet, in this divine paradox, we find the path to true greatness. We are called to mirror the humilityContinue reading “Before I Sleep…”

When It’s Hard to Be Like Christ

The call to humility and selfless service like Christ can be challenging for Christians today due to various reasons. Here are a few factors that may contribute to the difficulty: To correct these tendencies and cultivate more humility and selflessness, Christians can consider the following steps: Remember, the journey toward greater humility and selflessness isContinue reading “When It’s Hard to Be Like Christ”

We Don’t Talk About Mental Health

One topic we, as Christians, don’t seem to talk enough about is mental health. I’d like to change that. To start the conversation, here are four encouraging points to offer those who are struggling with mental health. Maybe it’s you. Maybe you have a friend who struggles. Whichever group you’re in, remembering these points couldContinue reading “We Don’t Talk About Mental Health”