The Breaking of the Bread

Through the Scriptures we see a growing awareness of what it means to call Christ “King”. In the early parts of the Old Testament, God’s Rule was seen as very much like human empires, but bigger and more powerful. The dominant idea in these passages is that God destroys God’s enemies and crushes all oppositionContinue reading “The Breaking of the Bread”

Your Spiritual Discipline

One of the hardest practices of Christian discipleship is to reject revenge and seek reconciliation with those who oppose us. When we open our hearts to all people, even enemies, we will get hurt, but our lives will never become cold and hard. If we seek truly abundant life, learning to welcome all people isContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

Experience or Relationship?

The lights dim as the music begins to play. The energy in the crowd seems to almost crackle audibly. You feel a surge of anticipation for the songs you know, the empowering words you always hear, and the inspirational, larger-than-life people you see standing before you. At a well-designed worship service, Bible conference, or summerContinue reading “Experience or Relationship?”

Faith in a Hostile World

In its practice of religious pluralism, the Western world tends to remain quiet about religion. Rarely will you hear the public media discuss Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology, Mormonism, or Jehovah’s Witnesses. When you do, the media uses muted tones and carefully crafted statements to avoid offending followers of those religions. However, when it comes to Christianity,Continue reading “Faith in a Hostile World”

When Losing a Loved One

I was awakened Sunday by a telephone call from a friend telling me news I never expected to hear: that my friend and former student had been killed, run over by an 18-wheeler while helping stranded motorists beside a highway. Before grief hit incredulity. I kept saying “What?” And in the hours since, I cryContinue reading “When Losing a Loved One”

Your Spiritual Discipline

Confession is not about creating a shameful list of our failures. It is about recognizing the truth about our lives so that we can learn and grow. As you seek to be more aware of God’s presence and power in your life, confess those things that distract you or keep you from being mindful. PRAY:TeachContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

Your Spiritual Discipline

When we remember that the coming of Christ always works in three time frames – Jesus has come, is always coming, and will come – we are able to remember God’s presence within us and around us, and we can celebrate the coming of God’s Rule in your life now. Today, use your thanksgiving toContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

Your Spiritual Practice

The last few hours of Jesus’ life give us some tantalizing glimpses into how Jesus understood God’s Kingdom. The context is Jesus’ final teaching in the Upper Room before his death. Jesus promises that when he goes, the disciples will receive the Holy Spirit. Then he speaks in words that the disciples find easier toContinue reading “Your Spiritual Practice”

What Is Hanukkah and Can I Observe It?

Chanukkah (or Hanukkah) is the Jewish Festival/Feast of Dedication, also known as the “Festival of Lights.” It is an eight-day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev, which typically falls in November or December on our calendar. Although this Jewish festival in not mentioned in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible),Continue reading “What Is Hanukkah and Can I Observe It?”