Secularism Jumped the Pond and Is Spreading

Religious Americans sometimes look nervously at the rapid secularization of European nations and wonder if something similar could happen to them. The last decade has witnessed a notable drift to the secular in the United States, measured for instance by the substantial rise in nones, those who reject any religious affiliation. Meanwhile, the current pandemicContinue reading “Secularism Jumped the Pond and Is Spreading”

Praying for Christian Doctors

Medicine offers disciples of Christ beautiful opportunities for kingdom work. We Christian doctors are uniquely positioned to love and minister to the vulnerable and often view our profession as a calling, a way to daily live out the faith we profess. We put in long hours, study for decades, and awaken in the wee hoursContinue reading “Praying for Christian Doctors”

Let’s Get Secular Straight

[Secular1, or Secular as Temporal] In classical or medieval accounts, the “secular” amounted to something like “the temporal” — the realm of “earthly” politics or of “mundane” vocations. This is the “secular” of the purported sacred/ secular divide. The priest, for instance, pursues a “sacred” vocation, while the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker are engagedContinue reading “Let’s Get Secular Straight”

The Next Threat to the Gospel

“__ is the greatest threat to the gospel.” We say this a lot in church circles. We insert our favorite pet concern into the blank and attack from there. Just in the last 50 years, in one form or another, evangelical presses, conferences, and speakers insist that the gospel is threatened by forces external toContinue reading “The Next Threat to the Gospel”

18,000 Children Missing

From 2018-2020, over 18,000 unaccompanied child migrants have gone missing in Europe. These children hail from countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Eritrea, and Guinea. Moving alone puts them in danger of exploitation. AMG International works with refugees in Greece, one of the countries with the highest rate of disappearances. Brian Dennett says, “The issue of childContinue reading “18,000 Children Missing”

Be Careful for What You Write

It has never been easier to have a voice in the public square. Virtually anyone with access to the internet can make his (or her) ideas and opinions known to hundreds or thousands or even millions of people. And of course, there are still older forms of print communication with a large following—books, journals, magazines,Continue reading “Be Careful for What You Write”