The Weak Made Strong

We have to be very careful in how we wage spiritual war. Thanks to some fanciful fictions and inspirational clichés, a lot of bad theology has crept into the Church’s thinking on these matters. The way some people talk about prayer owes more to New Age spirituality than biblical Christianity. Many of us were evenContinue reading “The Weak Made Strong”

When You Have About Given Up on the World

Like many other Christians, I am deeply concerned about the direction in which our country has been moving and the speed at which it continues to move. The murder of the unborn, the celebration of every form of sexual immorality, the increase in public acts of violence, perpetual discrimination, sex trafficking, and a rise inContinue reading “When You Have About Given Up on the World”

It’s Time for Your Propaganda

Spinning the news is not new. The news media withholding relevant information from the public is not new. Presenting the news in such a way as to push people a certain direction is not new. Proclaiming propaganda disguised as news is not new. None of this is new. I suppose the only thing that isContinue reading “It’s Time for Your Propaganda”

It Is Not the End of the Story

“And they lived happily ever after. The end.” That’s a common way to end a story that begins “Once upon a time.” We call those stories fairy tales. Fairy tales are imaginary stories for children, filled with magic and with fanciful people and places. We love a good fairy tale because it echoes the realContinue reading “It Is Not the End of the Story”

Before You Post It

In her book The Writing Life, Annie Dillard describes writing as making several thousand close judgment calls. William Zinsser concurs in his famous book On Writing Well: “Professional writers rewrite their sentences over and over and then rewrite what they have rewritten.” Dillard and Zinsser have in mind the thousand literary micro-decisions involved in perfectingContinue reading “Before You Post It”

What Does the Bible Say About White Supremacy?

White supremacy is, simply put, the belief that white people are inherently superior to other races and ethnicities. Considering it is questionable whether any white people are explicitly mentioned in the Bible, the Bible does not directly address the concept of white supremacy. The Bible does, however, address racism, discrimination, and prejudice. In summary, viewingContinue reading “What Does the Bible Say About White Supremacy?”

A New Perspective on COVID

Marie Durand was from a well-known Huguenot (Calvinist) family, at a time in French history when it was illegal to be an evangelical. At the age of fifteen, because of her whole family’s Gospel activities, she was imprisoned for her faith in Jesus. She spent the next thirty-eight years in lockdown. The authorities were particularlyContinue reading “A New Perspective on COVID”

Depression Doesn’t Define You

I did not have a word for it until my senior year of college. Looking back, I can see it started before then, in cycles and seasons when I described myself as “down,” “in a funk,” “struggling,” “low.” My friend talked me into seeing a counselor at our college’s health center, and there I wasContinue reading “Depression Doesn’t Define You”