Are We Not Alive Till Our First Breath?

I read someone’s argument on social media that “Human life occurs at the moment God breathes into [naphach] the biological life the breath of life [neshamat chayyim, ‘soul life’]. This happens at birth.” When several other commenters pointed this person to what Scripture has to say about God forming the unborn, they responded, Job 31:15Continue reading “Are We Not Alive Till Our First Breath?”

Something Old, Something New

Thousands of people have prayed for Sarah Walton. Most of whom she has never met. In the past ten years, Walton, the best-selling coauthor of Hope When It Hurts, has suffered through chronic illness, multiple surgeries for a debilitating foot injury, financial stress stemming from her husband’s job loss, and a cross-country move with fourContinue reading “Something Old, Something New”

You Are Never ‘Just’

“I’m just a church member.” Over the years, I’ve heard people say this when introducing themselves. There are many reasons why someone might say this (they may want to clarify that they aren’t in full-time ministry). But I cringe inside when I hear it. And if I’m able, I offer a gentle correction because there’sContinue reading “You Are Never ‘Just’”

Lies That Lead to Lazy

Come, follow closely, and gaze for a moment upon a rare creature in his native habitat. There he is, drooling upon his pillow an hour before lunchtime, creaking over the bedsprings like a door on its hinges. “How long will you lie there? When will you arise from your sleep?” his mother shouts from theContinue reading “Lies That Lead to Lazy”

Government Persecution Trumps Religious Terrorism

Dictators are the worst persecutors of believers. This perhaps uncontroversial finding was verified for the first time in the Pew Research Center’s 11th annual study surveying restrictions on freedom of religion in 198 nations. The median level of government violations reached an all-time high in 2018, as 56 nations (28%) suffer “high” or “very high”Continue reading “Government Persecution Trumps Religious Terrorism”

Has a Job Been Done on Us?

Steve Jobs died ten years ago this month. At the corporate memorial held on Apple’s campus, a previously unreleased version of the 1997 “Think Different” Apple commercial was played. In this version, Jobs himself performed the voice-over, so everyone at the memorial heard him speak one final exhortation to the world: “The people who areContinue reading “Has a Job Been Done on Us?”

Beware the Listening Prayer

The Bible speaks often of prayer, but it does not mention “listening prayer” as a type of prayer to practice. The idea of “listening prayer” is to spend some time talking to the Lord and the rest of the time listening to His response. Or, sometimes, the listening comes first and the prayer second. ListeningContinue reading “Beware the Listening Prayer”