Filled to Overflowing

In Ephesians 5:18, the Apostle Paul exhorts the Ephesian believers with a command, “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit (NASB)”. The phrase “be filled with the Spirit” is a present, plural, passive imperative, meaning that God commands (not an option!) you, me, and allContinue reading “Filled to Overflowing”

Exercise Your Liberty Only with Those Who Appreciate It

1 Corinthians 9:20 When I was with the Jews, I lived like a Jew to bring the Jews to Christ. When I was with those who follow the Jewish law, I too lived under that law. Even though I am not subject to the law, I did this so I could bring to Christ thoseContinue reading “Exercise Your Liberty Only with Those Who Appreciate It”

Getting the Record Straight

The Bible records the covenantal narrative about God’s creation of all things, humanity’s fall into sin, redemption through the covenant of grace and its various administrations, and the consummation of all things in eschatological glory. God Himself is the master narrator as the One who declares the end from the beginning (Isa. 46:10) and whoContinue reading “Getting the Record Straight”

Before I Sleep…

Heavenly Father, As we prepare to rest and find solace in the stillness of the night, we come before You with hearts full of gratitude and reverence. We acknowledge what You are doing, as explained in Hebrews 9:24, and the profound significance of Christ’s entry into the heavenly sanctuary on our behalf. Lord, we recognizeContinue reading “Before I Sleep…”

Copies of True Things

The background for the text in Hebrews 9:24 lies in the context of the Old Testament and the sacrificial system established by God for the Israelites. In the Old Testament, God commanded the construction of the tabernacle, a portable sanctuary, and later, the temple in Jerusalem, as places of worship and sacrifice. These physical structuresContinue reading “Copies of True Things”

He Didn’t Stop There

Jesus farted. And burped. And did other human things. That’s the insane wonder of the incarnation. The God of the universe, the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present King of Kings and Lord of Lords, creator of heaven and earth, maker of oceans and galaxies and subatomic particles and kombucha—The Dude— humbled himself to become a helpless, voiceless,Continue reading “He Didn’t Stop There”

Digging Into Today’s Text

Here is the quoted text in its paragraph: “For Christ has entered, not into holy places made with hands, which are copies of the true things, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God on our behalf.” (Hebrews 9:24) The book of Hebrews provides a comprehensive explanation of Christ’s role asContinue reading “Digging Into Today’s Text”