Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, the DC Sniper, and the Importance of Fathers

Like many basketball junkies deprived of March Madness and the NBA playoffs, I devoured ESPN’s ten-part series “The Last Dance,” the definitive account of one of the NBA’s G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time), Michael Jordan. Anyone who watched the emergence of the Bulls in the 1990s knew that Jordan’s talent and athleticism were matched only byContinue reading “Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, the DC Sniper, and the Importance of Fathers”

Whatever Happened to Humor

If you’ve ever gotten into social justice discussions online, you’ve likely encountered a certain type of person, a person who seems almost incapable of expressing any emotion except grave concern. They could be progressives, or they could be conservatives, but their temperament unites them. They are very, very serious people. Perhaps the first thing youContinue reading “Whatever Happened to Humor”

A Promise from God Is a Fact

The Greek concept of knowledge was that it meant acquiring propositional truth-information gained and stored in the mind. But the Hebrews saw knowledge as having to do with relationship and experience. The Old Testament says that Adam “knew” his wife (Genesis 4:1). To “know” her meant that he had an intimate husband-wife relationship with her.The apostle PeterContinue reading “A Promise from God Is a Fact”

It Is a Sin Issue Not a Skin Issue

(This article was penned by Shane Idleman, a pastor of a multiracial congregation and staff, offers one of the best insights to the turmoil in our nation. I pray that you will read and share the article as it offers sanity and faith to a dialogue so geared to anger and hatred.) Martin Luther KingContinue reading “It Is a Sin Issue Not a Skin Issue”


Every black life is valuable and precious. There are no exceptions. Thus, I can’t support the organization Black Lives Matter. Let me explain. Many of my black friends have told me that the phrase “black lives matters” is powerful because it draws attention to the historical fact that black lives have not been valued equallyContinue reading “EVERY BLACK LIFE MATTERS (BUT I WON’T SUPPORT BLM)”

When Our Young People Have Doubts

There’s a C. S. Lewis quote in my Ecuadorian classroom painted on the back wall: “We have nothing, if not belief.” These words from Voyage of the Dawn Treader are spoken by the valiant mouse Reepicheep. One might assume belief comes easy for students in my international Christian school. It doesn’t. Only 10 percent of the studentsContinue reading “When Our Young People Have Doubts”