Abortion’s Handwriting on the Wall

Forty-eight years ago, the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision overturned legal restrictions on and prohibitions of abortion in all fifty states. It simultaneously laid the groundwork for what has become a multibillion-dollar global abortion industry. Today though, the industry is in trouble. Big trouble. Of course, that fact is hardly apparent to the casualContinue reading “Abortion’s Handwriting on the Wall”

What If These Are the Last Days?

One of the “joys” of training to become a soldier in the United States Army is pulling what’s called fireguard duty. The Army used to house soldiers in wooden barracks with wood-burning stoves. So soldiers would rotate shifts through the night to make sure the place didn’t burn down. Even though there’s not so muchContinue reading “What If These Are the Last Days?”

Abortion Trauma

Maria Malafronte was 24 years old and six months pregnant when she walked into the All Women’s Care center in Seattle in September 2019. Two hours earlier she had taken pills—she wasn’t sure what they were—the abortionist had prescribed ahead of her appointment. Now she was in excruciating pain. Malafronte didn’t want an abortion. SheContinue reading “Abortion Trauma”

The Secret of Great Service

It can be a great temptation to think that we cannot effectively serve Godbecause we are not like others. Clergy may, at times, wonder if they couldserve better out in the “marketplace” like the congregants, while thecongregants may be wishing that they could serve God with the singlemindedness of the clergy. Sometimes, this sense ofContinue reading “The Secret of Great Service”

Dignity Beyond Accomplishment

On Christmas Day 1999, when she was six years old, my little sister Jenna swallowed a whole jar of diuretic pills. Or rather, she chewed them. She always chews pills like they’re candy. And that is probably what she thought they were, lying there on the piano side table at our grandparents’ definitely un-childproof houseContinue reading “Dignity Beyond Accomplishment”

The God Particle

The reaction among some atheists to the recent, remarkable empirical confirmation by scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) of the existence of the Higgs boson (AKA “the God particle”) is bewildering. The fact that nonscientists would take this as a disproof of God or as another victory in the warfare between scienceContinue reading “The God Particle”

The Waiting Life

Waiting and trusting are practices that are frequently taught in theScriptures. They are not passive ways of living but are activities that activelyorient our lives around God’s presence, purposes and priorities. This is whythe Psalmist celebrates God as a fortress and the source of true victory inliving. This is why he encourages people to trustContinue reading “The Waiting Life”

This Truth Will Set You Free

God will always sanctify you before He sends you. The Father set aside the twelve disciples and made them holy by the Truth, His Son. As they related to Jesus, the Truth (John 14:6), the disciples were refined by that Truth and were prepared to be sent out to preach the gospel. Jesus challenged theirContinue reading “This Truth Will Set You Free”

We Become Knowers

One of the most powerful and abiding images that Jesus used to describeGod’s Kingdom is the child. In our world of power games and the constantquest for wealth, the innocence, naivety, playfulness and trustfulness ofchildren can seem like a strange way to picture God’s presence andpurposes. But, once we recognize that God’s Reign is anContinue reading “We Become Knowers”