He Is There and He Is Not Silent

I first read He is There and He is Not Silent by Francis Schaeffer in 1992.  Multiple readings have ensued and I turn back to Schaeffer’s book again and again for help with apologetics. Readers will be pleased to see this new edition by Crossway Books with a revised cover in time to meet theContinue reading “He Is There and He Is Not Silent”

A Good Story Despite Boko Haram

One of 276 girls abducted from their school in Chibok, northern Nigeria by the infamous Boko Haram has just graduated from university – the very thing her kidnappers fight to oppose, according to Open Doors UK & Ireland. “Boko Haram roughly translates as ‘western education is forbidden’,” says Open Doors UK & Ireland CEO HenriettaContinue reading “A Good Story Despite Boko Haram”

The Best Thing in Life

“What is the best thing in life,” asks Packer, “bringing more joy, delight and contentment than anything else? Knowledge of God.” This should come as no surprise to those familiar with Packer. Knowing God is of central importance in living a life that is both productive for oneself and pleasing to God. This is simplyContinue reading “The Best Thing in Life”

Life Is Hard Enough. Don’t Make It More Difficult

We sometimes make the Christian life more complicated than it needs to be and more complicated than it ought to be. For when it comes right down to it, God calls us to nothing more, and nothing less, than to obey. The only thing that really matters in any context or any circumstance is obedienceContinue reading “Life Is Hard Enough. Don’t Make It More Difficult”

Emptiness in the Modern Hope – Epilogue

Does Genesis offer relevant lessons for your children? Can the complex and often graphic narratives really be suitable to family worship? After reading the following article, we think you will say yes. Your family needs the book of Genesis, and so does mine. Many arguments could be given to support this assertion, but I wantContinue reading “Emptiness in the Modern Hope – Epilogue”