When a Christian Commits Suicide

It is a sad fact that some Christians have committed suicide. Adding to the tragedy is the false teaching that committing suicide automatically consigns one to hell. Many believe that a Christian who commits suicide will not be saved. This teaching is not supported in the Bible. Scripture teaches that, from the moment we trulyContinue reading “When a Christian Commits Suicide”

In HIS Steps

THE SUBDUER OF ALL THINGS “For he ‘has put everything under his feet.’ Now when it says that ‘everything’ has been put under him, it is clear that this does not include God himself, who put everything under Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:27, NIV).Calvary was God’s V-Day in the great cosmic controversy. Through Christ’s death andContinue reading “In HIS Steps”

When Tears Fall Upon Us

Psalm 116:1-19 It is easy for those who are strong and healthy to forget how many tears of sorrow and grief are shed every day. All around this aching world—perhaps in your own home or in your heart this very week—sadness abounds. Tears fall. Grief has you in its grip. And it can happen soContinue reading “When Tears Fall Upon Us”

Bus Ride to Memphis

I met a young man on the way to Memphis; he told me quite plainly, though he didn’t say in words, “I’m looking for something I’ve not yet found, I’m looking for someone who won’t let me down.” He said “I’m a cynic” with a kind-hearted sneer; “I’ve known your religion for the past twentyContinue reading “Bus Ride to Memphis”

One Man’s Take on What Is Happening to the Church

I have often wondered why church attendance in America is decreasing and why so many Americans seem not to feel any need of traditional Christianity. Throughout much of the twentieth century the majority of Americans were “God-fearing, Bible-believing, church-attending” Christians even if they didn’t live out true Christianity in their everyday lives. But a largeContinue reading “One Man’s Take on What Is Happening to the Church”

The Crushing Freedom of Decision Making

Decision-Making Fatigue Sometimes things become so much a part of the fabric of our lives that we don’t even recognize them. Decisions are chief among them. They are so ubiquitous that we tend to drown out their prevalence and significance. In a self-initiated experiment, I decided to keep a running tally of the number ofContinue reading “The Crushing Freedom of Decision Making”

God Did Not Promise to Heal Your Depression, Just Be with You Through It

Depression is extremely common to struggle with at some point in your life, or even throughout your entire life. Many people believe depression is something you should just “snap out of” and become happy again. For those of us struggling with depression, these comments can be hurtful and cause us to become more isolated. IfContinue reading “God Did Not Promise to Heal Your Depression, Just Be with You Through It”

Your Spiritual Discipline

The miracle of turning water to wine is well known. It has probably been preached and written about from every possible perspective. But it remains a significant moment in the ministry of Jesus, and an important window into understanding the character and mission of God. Throughout the Scriptures God’s relationship with God’s people is describedContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

When Faith Dies

How do works of obedience relate to the free, unmerited gift of God’s grace in the life of a Christian? This has been a recurring controversial and confusing issue since the earliest days of the church. If we are justified by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ’s sufficient substitutionary work alone, and notContinue reading “When Faith Dies”