Free of Rebellion

Most children have happy plans for their future. Kids dream of a good life and expect it to happen. And that desire is right. Sadly, many children are not taught how to truly live well. The fifth commandment—“Honor your father and your mother” (Ex. 20:12)—promises a good life (Eph. 6:2). The law’s second table startsContinue reading “Free of Rebellion”

Where Does My Help Come From?

The Bible is awash with anguished cries for help from humans in need. While on a grueling, uphill pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the psalmist asked, “Where does my help come from?” (Psalm 121:1). Suffering in desolation and misery, Job wondered, “Does not one in a heap of ruins stretch out his hand, and in his disasterContinue reading “Where Does My Help Come From?”

When You Keep Getting a No

And he said, “Go again,” seven times. 1 Kings 18:43 Success is certain when the Lord has promised it. Although you may have pleaded month after month without evidence of response, it is not possible that the Lord should be deaf when His people are serious about a matter that concerns His glory. The prophetContinue reading “When You Keep Getting a No”

He Doesn’t Just…He Is

What is it you long for? We all have something deep inside us. The roadmap of our hearts leads us there, to the place where our treasure is found—the place where our hope, wonder, and worship reside. God had promised to rescue the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and bring them to a new home,Continue reading “He Doesn’t Just…He Is”

You Were Never Intended to Be a Majority

According to a recent survey, Christianity will no longer be the majority faith in the United States. This, of course, elicited the usual and expected response from our Christian leaders. Pastors wrung their hands. Parents are worried about what kind of world their children and grandchildren will grow up in. Books have been written andContinue reading “You Were Never Intended to Be a Majority”