Are We Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong Places?

We are looking for Jesus in all the wrong places. We think “he was”. Our language and attitude is focused on Him as a historical figure. Jesus is having none of that. Jesus IS. Jesus IS alive. That is it and that is enough for today. We must focus on that. This is a bigContinue reading “Are We Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong Places?”

What I Learned at My Aunt’s Funeral

I’ve walked through their front door dozens of times, for Thanksgivings or July 4th pool parties or some other family gathering. My aunt and uncle’s two-story Texas ranch house is perfect for get-togethers, with horses in the pasture and a pool in the backyard, and my aunt always made sure that marshmallows, graham crackers andContinue reading “What I Learned at My Aunt’s Funeral”

Failure Is Succeeding at Things That Don’t Matter

. Success is hearing “Well done” from the only lips that matter. Failure is succeeding at things that don’t finally matter at all. You probably knew this already. But how hard it is to live! How hard it is not to crave praise and affirmation from those around you. How hard it is not toContinue reading “Failure Is Succeeding at Things That Don’t Matter”

Believe Women. Especially Now.

The central facts of the Christian faith were all primarily witnessed by women. Jesus was “conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary,” as the Apostles’ Creed says, and the Incarnation was witnessed first and foremost by Mary, his mother. Jesus “suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.” The AtonementContinue reading “Believe Women. Especially Now.”

Our Most Destructive Assumption About Heaven

Of all the misconceptions we have about heaven, which is the most destructive? That’s a difficult and important question to tackle. Once, while preaching about the new earth, I cited passages about feasting together in our resurrection bodies. Afterward, a veteran Bible student asked if I really believed we would eat and drink in theContinue reading “Our Most Destructive Assumption About Heaven”