How Do You Like Your Coffee

Café au lait. My grandmother crafted my first taste of the ambrosial drink that combines hot black coffee and hot milk, loading it for me with sugar.And I wasn’t the only 7-year-old enjoying java. I was raised in south Louisiana, where children begin their love affair with coffee by starting with café au lait. OurContinue reading “How Do You Like Your Coffee”

Two Sides of the Same Coin

What is important in life? Who better to ponder such imponderables than Solomon, widely regarded as the wisest man in the world? Yet when read together, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs offer not an answer but a paradox: the emptiness of the world versus the fullness of love.Paradoxes, like this one, are propositions that seemContinue reading “Two Sides of the Same Coin”

Dolly Parton Tops Christian Charts

(This is one you need to hear) She might now be 74, but that has not slowed Dolly Parton, with her new song, “There Was Jesus”, going to number one. A known Country music star, Parton collaborated with Zach Williams, who also wrote the song. This is Parton’s first number on the Christian charts. “HavingContinue reading “Dolly Parton Tops Christian Charts”

California Church Baptizes 1,000

A California church has taken the term ‘the church without walls’ literally, seeing almost 1,000 people baptized last Sunday. Calvary Chapel Church in Chino Hills, pastored by Jack Hibbs, held an outdoor baptism service last Sunday According to CBN News, Church Director Gina Gleason said, “California may be experiencing a spiritual revival. It’s remarkable andContinue reading “California Church Baptizes 1,000”

Lost Bibles Are Recovered

An ambitious new digitisation project is set to make the Bible more accessible than ever for hundreds of minority language groups. MissionAssist, Bible Society and Wycliffe Bible Translators are seeking an army of volunteer translators to help with the huge task of bringing these ‘lost’ Bibles into the digital realm. The Bible Digitisation Project aimsContinue reading “Lost Bibles Are Recovered”

What Do You Love Most About God?

In a sense, to answer this question authentically, I probably ought not spend any great time theologizing, studying, doing exegesis, or assessing God’s attributes. I ought to simply blurt out — just blurt out — what I feel about God, what I really treasure about him and value and admire. Wouldn’t that be the mostContinue reading “What Do You Love Most About God?”

When Your Mother Grows Old

Listen to your father who gave you life,and do not despise your mother when she is old. (Proverbs 23:22) If you are considered “young,” I am considered “older.” I’m a grandma seven times over already. Last week, my 6-year-old granddaughter and I were jumping on the trampoline when she stopped, examined my feet and hands,Continue reading “When Your Mother Grows Old”

He Isn’t as Hidden as You Think

Many non-Christians have argued that if God were real, he would speak audibly or show himself to those who ask. Atheist Bertrand Russell was once asked what he would say to God if he faced him in the next life. Russell’s response: “God, you gave us insufficient evidence.” Non-Christians aren’t the only ones who struggleContinue reading “He Isn’t as Hidden as You Think”