Modern Day Witch Trials

J.K. Rowling is arguably the most successful author in the history of publishing, with the possible exception of God. And “Harry Potter” was a kind of bible for my generation. Since its publication beginning in the late ’90s, the series has taught tens of millions of children about virtues like loyalty, courage, and love—about theContinue reading “Modern Day Witch Trials”

The King’s Heart in the Lord’s Hands

As the reader probably knows, on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Her reign lasted for seventy years, and she was the longest reigning monarch in the history of England. Most British people, from the accounts I’ve read, felt she was a good and noble queen. Not without fault,Continue reading “The King’s Heart in the Lord’s Hands”

It Can’t Happen Here

In 1935 acclaimed American writer Sinclair Lewis’s novel “It Can’t Happen Here” was published. The novel described a fascist takeover of America, not from outside but from within. 1935 was a time when many Americans inclined toward communism or fascism. Lewis believed that the greater danger to American democracy was fascism. Many Americans then andContinue reading “It Can’t Happen Here”

Lessons from the Life of a Queen

I was outside relaxing with friends on September 8, when we heard the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. The four of us—including a British church denomination leader, a Royal fine artist, and a previous chief operating officer of the Royal Albert Hall—spent some time reflecting on her extraordinary life.  It was particularlyContinue reading “Lessons from the Life of a Queen”