Where It Is Most Dangerous for Christians

One in every nine Christians in the world lives in an area, or in a culture, in which Christianity is illegal, forbidden, or punished, according to the latest report on global persecution by Open Doors USA. That’s a 14 percent increase over the previous year. For the past 27 years, the organization has published theContinue reading “Where It Is Most Dangerous for Christians”

The 7 Most Significant Religious Freedom Victories of 2018

From cable news to social media, streaming sites to the megaplex, popular culture can be a dark and depressing place. But amid the glut of bad, bleak, cynical, cheap, violent, and sexually exploitative content, there are some rays of light and diamonds in the rough. Yes, there’s plenty of bad stuff Christians should identify andContinue reading “The 7 Most Significant Religious Freedom Victories of 2018”