Did Christianity Evolve?

Skeptics sometimes argue that the Christianity in its early years looked different than modern-day Christianity. Specifically, they question whether Jesus claimed to be God or if he was deified by a band of disappointed followers after his crucifixion. Christianity is grounded on the view that the claims of the New Testament are true,]. The gospelsContinue reading “Did Christianity Evolve?”

ISIS’ Brutality Pushed Muslims to Christ – ‘Their God Is not My God’

The brutality of ISIS made headlines and grabbed the world’s attention over the past decade, but it also had a spiritual impact: It drove Muslims to Christ. That is the case in Kobani, a Syrian city near the Turkish border that was controlled by ISIS but was freed four years ago, according to NBC News.Continue reading “ISIS’ Brutality Pushed Muslims to Christ – ‘Their God Is not My God’”

Christianity and the Progress of Science

How the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation falsified atheism. Prior to certain scientific discoveries, most people thought that the universe had always been here, and no need to ask who or what may have caused it. But today, that’s all changed. Today, the standard model of the origin of the universe is thatContinue reading “Christianity and the Progress of Science”

Spiritual Maturity 1226

God uses our common, everyday life to form His character in us. One particular teacher calls what we do in the church “the kitchen of Christianity.” It is there that we develop our understanding, shaping and molding the dough of our life in preparation… View Post