The Real Reason They Left Your Church

“I’m not getting fed.” It’s one of the most common complaints of church members looking for excuses to leave a church. The gripe is that the pastor’s sermons are not providing the person adequate spiritual growth. And most of the time it’s baloney. Sure, there are a few pastors who preach borderline heretical sermons. AndContinue reading “The Real Reason They Left Your Church”

Powerless Sermons and Prayerless Churches

The term “Achilles’ heel” refers to an area of weakness and vulnerability. The American church today has an Achilles’ heel—a lack of prayer and powerful preaching. Both are vitally important to spiritual health. Sadly, many Christian leaders focus on image rather than intimacy with Christ, being woke instead of waking up from their spiritual slumber,Continue reading “Powerless Sermons and Prayerless Churches”

Do I Have to Go to Church?

Many people have an improper or unbiblical understanding of church attendance. Some people’s feeling about church attendance borders on legalism—they must attend every time there is any kind of service or meeting, or they risk God’s wrath. Some people experience guilty feelings whenever they miss a Sunday morning service for any reason. Sadly, some churchesContinue reading “Do I Have to Go to Church?”

What Is High Church and Low Church?

Any study of denominationalism or church history is sure to lead, sooner or later, to the terms High Church and Low Church. Originally, these terms defined movements within the Anglican Church, but the meanings have broadened to apply to non-Anglican churches, as well. The terms have to do with worship procedures, specifically, the use ofContinue reading “What Is High Church and Low Church?”

What This About a Visible and Invisible Church:

The Bible never uses the term visible church or invisible church. But the idea of the visible church versus the invisible church is a natural result of a biblical understanding of the doctrine of salvation. The visible church is the expression of Christianity that people can see: the gathering and practices of the individuals inContinue reading “What This About a Visible and Invisible Church:”

Tell the Truth About Yourself Before Someone Else Does

2 Samuel 11:1-27 From his youth, King David was a committed follower of God. Yet there was a time when this devoted believer gave in to temptation and committed adultery with Bathsheba. His walk of integrity was severely compromised. Ethical and moral failings have beset Christians throughout the ages. When a believer does whatever itContinue reading “Tell the Truth About Yourself Before Someone Else Does”

We celebrate the outpouring…

We celebrate the outpouring… We celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of full community because it meant that paradise was given back in the midst of an unpeaceful, hostile environment. Jesus had begun this spiritual battle against the injustice of mammon, against impurity in human relationships, and against killing and war.Continue reading “We celebrate the outpouring…”