Fastest Growing Churches

Independent charismatic churches (23%) lead the annual Church Growth Today list of the 100 Largest Churches for the period 2009-2010. While denomi-national churches lead the largest churches (51%) list the non-denominational churches were very close (49%). Independent non-charismatic churches were the 2nd largest group of churches with a total of 16% of the churches.  When combined withContinue reading “Fastest Growing Churches”

The Myth of the Persecuted American Church

American Christians have a peculiar fascination with the Persecuted Church. We love books such as Radical and The Insanity of God that show what it is like to completely sell out to God and sacrifice everything for the Gospel. I think there are several reasons we love this. We love seeing other Christian’s faithfulness andContinue reading “The Myth of the Persecuted American Church”

Lot of Talk but Little Changes

The explosion of communications devices and technology in the past decade has substantially expanded the amount of public dialogue related to all kinds of issues, including religion. Yet, even though Americans spend lots of time discussing and debating religious beliefs and spiritual practices, a new survey by The Barna Group shows that all of thatContinue reading “Lot of Talk but Little Changes”