Words Aren’t What They Used to Be

Anyone who reads thoughtfully knows that words often change their meaning with time and context. Christians are a “peculiar people,” the KJV tells us, only “peculiar” did not mean in 1611 what it means today. Sometimes an older meaning of a word continues in a restricted sector of the culture, even though most people useContinue reading “Words Aren’t What They Used to Be”

The 7 Most Significant Religious Freedom Victories of 2018

From cable news to social media, streaming sites to the megaplex, popular culture can be a dark and depressing place. But amid the glut of bad, bleak, cynical, cheap, violent, and sexually exploitative content, there are some rays of light and diamonds in the rough. Yes, there’s plenty of bad stuff Christians should identify andContinue reading “The 7 Most Significant Religious Freedom Victories of 2018”

Wanting the Savior for All

Wanting the Savior for All Unless the urge to want the Savior for allpeople, wells up in our hearts, we are not true servants. Although we might know of God’s will toward love, toward mercy, toward forgiveness, we nevertheless fail to do his will because the love of God does not… View Post