A Simple Reason for Our National Depravity

Few in the body of Christ would deny that America has fallen into unprecedented moral depravity. The question is, who is to blame? Is it the politicians? Hollywood? The liberal media? I’m inclined to think that we should lay a big part of the blame on the pulpits of the nation. Let me tell youContinue reading “A Simple Reason for Our National Depravity”

Just Go to Church

At a Fortune 500 corporation, many interests and demands consume the company’s time and resources. How does an executive choose what opportunities to prioritize? The same is true for Christian parents. Tremendous resources exist for discipling kids: devotionals, catechisms, and guides for family worship. Parents are paralyzed when confronted with all the good options. WhereContinue reading “Just Go to Church”

You Were Never Intended to Be a Majority

According to a recent survey, Christianity will no longer be the majority faith in the United States. This, of course, elicited the usual and expected response from our Christian leaders. Pastors wrung their hands. Parents are worried about what kind of world their children and grandchildren will grow up in. Books have been written andContinue reading “You Were Never Intended to Be a Majority”

Myths of the Small Church Pastor

The vast majority of churches are small in attendance. But there seem to be a few myths about the small church pastor. Although only 10% of churches have more than 250 people and 70% have 100 or fewer, I won’t quibble on the reality that “typical” or “normative” is a better descriptor than “small” forContinue reading “Myths of the Small Church Pastor”

The Church Cannot Resurrect

If you are involved in church or religious activities to the point that your home life is hurting, you’re too involved—and you’re heading for trouble. Look at what you’re doing in the light of eternity. God is primarily interested in the quality, not quantity, of our spiritual fruit. He looks behind our hurry and hustleContinue reading “The Church Cannot Resurrect”

The Civil War No One Cares About

Fighting continues in Myanmar between the military junta and local resistance groups. The military has lost about 90 bases since a February 2021 coup. The military uses heavy artillery and airstrikes to hit resistance groups, often firing shells off even when there is no fighting going on. One report says the junta only has fullContinue reading “The Civil War No One Cares About”

Who Serves Who?

God has ordained and established three great institutions: There is no question regarding our belief that the church and state (government) should be separate and distinct. Each is a unique entity, not to be consolidated. Our Lord Jesus Christ stated as much in Mark 12:17 when He said: “Render to Caesar the things that areContinue reading “Who Serves Who?”

What About Church Holy Days?

Some Christian churches observe Ash Wednesday and other activities during the season of Lent. Other churches teach that these practices are unbiblical. Who’s right? What’s the role of holy days and seasons in the Christian life? First, here’s some historical background. People hear about things like Lent and they wonder, “Where did that come from?Continue reading “What About Church Holy Days?”