The Need for Doctrine in the Church

We’ve all heard and seen the numbers that show how biblically illiterate Christians are in America. For example, the reputable Barna Group cites only 6% of identified Christians possess a biblical worldview. This is (more or less) verified by Pew Research Center and LifeWay Research. No matter how many times I’ve studied statistics on biblicalContinue reading “The Need for Doctrine in the Church”

Who Do Christians Trust?

As houses of worship continue to reopen, most U.S. adults who regularly attend religious services voice confidence in their clergy to provide guidance on the coronavirus vaccines – and far more say they have heard their pastor, priest, rabbi or imam encourage people to get vaccinated than have heard their clergy raise doubts about COVID-19Continue reading “Who Do Christians Trust?”

Sing with Your Face

Surely, this is a post only a Presbyterian needs to write. For I speak of the blank and even dour looks often seen on people’s faces when they are singing in worship. In other ecclesiastical settings, they probably do not have to even address this matter. Seeing other churches worship, whether it is one inContinue reading “Sing with Your Face”

17 Missionaries Kidnapped

A group of 17 missionaries including children was kidnapped by a gang in Haiti on Saturday, according to a voice message sent to various religious missions by an organization with direct knowledge of the incident. The missionaries were on their way home from building an orphanage, according to a message from Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries.Continue reading “17 Missionaries Kidnapped”

An Old Preacher’s Take on the Church

If you’ve been a part of the church, not even for very long, you get that. Church is always messy and sometimes difficult. Unbelievers often tell me what they don’t like about the church and why they aren’t a part of it.  Most of the time, I reply, “You don’t know anything. I could tellContinue reading “An Old Preacher’s Take on the Church”

Emerging Religious Groups in the U.S.

In 170 years of the city’s existence, Dallas churches have sent missionaries to every inhabited continent on earth to plant new congregations and spread the gospel. Some of North America’s largest and most fruitful churches sit in the Dallas metroplex. But in the past two decades, the city has also become a missionary-receiving hub forContinue reading “Emerging Religious Groups in the U.S.”

Something Old, Something New

Thousands of people have prayed for Sarah Walton. Most of whom she has never met. In the past ten years, Walton, the best-selling coauthor of Hope When It Hurts, has suffered through chronic illness, multiple surgeries for a debilitating foot injury, financial stress stemming from her husband’s job loss, and a cross-country move with fourContinue reading “Something Old, Something New”

You Are Never ‘Just’

“I’m just a church member.” Over the years, I’ve heard people say this when introducing themselves. There are many reasons why someone might say this (they may want to clarify that they aren’t in full-time ministry). But I cringe inside when I hear it. And if I’m able, I offer a gentle correction because there’sContinue reading “You Are Never ‘Just’”

Wish I Had Said That!

Some years ago a traditional church dropped “Onward Christian Soldiers” from their song index because it made reference to war. That’s understandable for people who have never been born again. War is the last thing on their minds. They are “peacemakers” meeting in a building which they think is the “church.” They are not bornContinue reading “Wish I Had Said That!”

The Church Is a Changing

In the past two decades, society and churches have endured significant challenges and gone through some sizeable changes. Obviously, COVID has brought about its own set of issues, but many developments began long before the pandemic. In addition to differences in the average worship service, the general makeup of churches has undergone substantial shifts sinceContinue reading “The Church Is a Changing”