Pastor Will Go to Jail Rather Than Not Have Church

“I’m open for a jail ministry – bring it on.” These were the fighting words from California pastor John MacArthur, who is happy to risk prison time by keeping his church open. MacArthur, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Greater Los Angeles, is putting The First Amendment to the test in the modernContinue reading “Pastor Will Go to Jail Rather Than Not Have Church”

How Do You Like Your Coffee

Café au lait. My grandmother crafted my first taste of the ambrosial drink that combines hot black coffee and hot milk, loading it for me with sugar.And I wasn’t the only 7-year-old enjoying java. I was raised in south Louisiana, where children begin their love affair with coffee by starting with café au lait. OurContinue reading “How Do You Like Your Coffee”

Know Your Heretics

The Rise of the Judaizers A problem arose in the early church when the apostles took the gospel of Jesus to Jews, Samaritans, and Gentiles. When Gentiles responded to the gospel, a conflict arose that threatened to divide the church. A group called the Judaizers opposed Paul and Barnabas at the Council of Jerusalem (ADContinue reading “Know Your Heretics”

Pride, Police and Preaching

Cornwall Pride is cancelled. Wonderful news? Josh Williamson the Australian Baptist pastor in Newquay thought so. In fact, he tweeted those exact words on the Cornwall Live FB page. The resultant fuss, including threats of vandalism and deportation, has been covered, but I want to ask what lessons we can learn from this fuss. So,Continue reading “Pride, Police and Preaching”

Remember the Mayflower

The summer of 1620 saw months of frustrating delays to the sailing of the Mayflower, but as they finally set sail from Plymouth on 16th September, the pilgrims on board looked hopefully to their destination. 2020 marks 400 years since that famous journey. The Story Many of those who sailed on the Mayflower hailed fromContinue reading “Remember the Mayflower”

California Church Baptizes 1,000

A California church has taken the term ‘the church without walls’ literally, seeing almost 1,000 people baptized last Sunday. Calvary Chapel Church in Chino Hills, pastored by Jack Hibbs, held an outdoor baptism service last Sunday According to CBN News, Church Director Gina Gleason said, “California may be experiencing a spiritual revival. It’s remarkable andContinue reading “California Church Baptizes 1,000”

God Didn’t Leave Us Says Pastor in War-Torn Syria

When civil war started in Syria, Pastor George Moushi didn’t flee. He stayed when bombing meant neighbours had to run to his house in Qamishli for cover. And he stayed again when Covid-19 saw people hide in their homes from the silent killer while being threatened with financial ruin and starvation. He stayed because, alongContinue reading “God Didn’t Leave Us Says Pastor in War-Torn Syria”

Some Call It Tyranny

An injunction has been issued against John MacArthur and his California church preventing them from holding indoor worship services for now. It is the latest twist in a longrunning dispute between Grace Community Church and Los Angeles County over the former’s refusal to suspend in-person worship services inside its building. The continuation of in-person servicesContinue reading “Some Call It Tyranny”

Chinese Officials Paying to Spy on Churches

Chinese officials are offering citizens financial rewards to snoop on “illegal religious activity venues.” Bitter Winter reports that officials in Gushi county, Henan province, have offered citizens 500 RMB (around $70 or £57) to provide evidence like photos, videos and audio recordings. Rewards are reportedly being offered to residents in the cities of Mengzhou, Jiyuan and Shangqiu.Continue reading “Chinese Officials Paying to Spy on Churches”

Things that Change and Things that Never Will for the Church

Minneapolis endured two nights of curfew last month due to unrest that erupted after a false report of another black man shot by police. The mayor acted fast to stem the turbulence, not wanting a repeat of the awfulness that happened with George Floyd’s killing and its aftermath. Huddled in my home fairly far from downtown Minneapolis,Continue reading “Things that Change and Things that Never Will for the Church”