He’s Not Jesus

Both extroverts and introverts can lead well. Both can lead poorly. Personality is only one part of leadership. However, your personality as a leader comes with intrinsic advantages and challenges. The extroverted pastor tends to work a room better than an introvert. The introverted pastor tends to listen better one-on-one.  Partly because they are moreContinue reading “He’s Not Jesus”

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Been Going to Church

Young people are more likely to have been to church than any other age group in the UK, a poll has found. According to the Savanta ComRes survey for Operation Mobilisation (OM), over half of the population (54%) said they had never been to church in the last 12 months. This rose to 56% amongContinue reading “You’ll Never Guess Who’s Been Going to Church”

A Female Take on Women in Ministry

A wave of uneasiness swept over me when I first read her Instagram post: “Hey, women are not the lesser half of the image of God.” It was written by a female pastor as a response to those who discredit women in church leadership. While for years I’d accepted the biblical structure of male churchContinue reading “A Female Take on Women in Ministry”

They Just Don’t Come

A few years back, I heard about a church that had grown concerned about their bloated membership. After years of lackadaisical accounting, the number had become unwieldy, even disingenuous. Their “official” membership tallied more than twice the average attendance— doubtlessly inflated by the dead, the derelict, and the well-intentioned-but-never-there. This discrepancy obscured the church’s identity.Continue reading “They Just Don’t Come”

His Compassion Is Our Confidence

Throughout the four Gospels, readers are flooded with examples of the compassion of Christ. In His miracles, Christ shows His compassion by giving sight to the blind, making the lame walk, and curing people with extreme sickness. In His parables, He consistently shows that God’s heart is geared toward compassion and His desire is forContinue reading “His Compassion Is Our Confidence”

Pregnancy Care Is Just the Beginning, Men!

When Roland Warren took over as Care Net president 10 years ago, just 12 percent of its 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers had programs for fathers. That was a problem. “We wanted to solve not just for a live baby, but for a strong family—a father and mother, united in marriage, loving each other and God,”Continue reading “Pregnancy Care Is Just the Beginning, Men!”

The Template for True Worship

I believe that you were, firstly, created to worship. Secondly, you were saved to worship. And thirdly, you are providentially sustained to worship. When God made humanity, He gave a creation mandate, but it was to be done for the glory of God. So, whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever you do, you doContinue reading “The Template for True Worship”