The First Christian Nation

In 2001, Armenia celebrated its 1700th anniversary as the first Christian nation in the world. If you were to ask members of the Armenian Apostolic Church today about their church’s origins, they likely would answer that the apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew first brought the gospel to Armenia in the middle of the first century. TheyContinue reading “The First Christian Nation”

No One Is Coming to Your Rescue

In my last job, I had two interesting encounters, first with a secular Jewish leftist man and second with a New Age prosperity gospel feminist Christian woman. So let’s talk about the two people. The man who thinks that conservative Christians are stupid The first kind of person who tried to shame me for being a Christian is theContinue reading “No One Is Coming to Your Rescue”

They Say I Am Intolerant

I can still remember watching an interview years ago where Oprah Winfrey asked Tom Cruise about his controversial religion of Scientology. Cruise’s faith had come under fire due to recent events, and Oprah was pressing him pretty hard about what he really believed. After a few testy exchanges, Oprah finally got to the nub ofContinue reading “They Say I Am Intolerant”

Why Are We Forgetting Our Martyrs

Today marks the eight-year anniversary of a particularly horrific butchery of 21 Christians. On Feb. 15, 2015 in Libya, the Islamic State released a video depicting 21 Christians being decapitated. While sitting atop and holding their tied victims’ bodies down, Islamic State members shoved their fingers in the Christians’ eye sockets, craned their heads back,Continue reading “Why Are We Forgetting Our Martyrs”

The Path to Persecution

In the present culture wars it has become a regular practice among the armies of the politically correct to vilify those who defend historic Christianity. We are blamed for being exclusive, homophobic, racist transphobes. If we attempt to disagree politely and encourage rational argument, we are blamed for being white supremacists because being calm andContinue reading “The Path to Persecution”

Persecution of Christians Worldwide Is Increasing

‘Persecuted and Forgotten?’ examines the situation in 24 countries between October 2020 and September 2022, and concludes that in three-quarters of places the oppression or persecution of Christians grew worse during this period. The countries are mostly located in Africa, the Middle East and Asia but the report finds that a factor in the worsening climateContinue reading “Persecution of Christians Worldwide Is Increasing”

Christian Persecution in America

Christian persecution around the world is one of the biggest human rights issues of our lifetime. In many nations, someone who professes faith in Jesus can be arrested, tortured or even killed. Churches are illegal in many countries, or even owning a Bible.  Persecution of Christians only happens in countries far away from America, right?Continue reading “Christian Persecution in America”