Pray for Hong Kong Christians

This week, Beijing horrified millions of Hong Kongers with the enforcement of a new national security law that ushers in sweeping regulations criminalising secession, subversion, “terrorism” and collusion with foreign forces. Anyone accused of breaking this law faces extradition to China for trial and life in prison. The wording is so vague that no oneContinue reading “Pray for Hong Kong Christians”

Genocide in Nigeria: Calling It What It Is, Calling for It to End

In terms of lives lost, families separated, people imprisoned, and churches shut down, the 21st century has, so far, been the worst period of persecution against Christians in recorded history. Among the hottest persecution hot-spots is Nigeria. According to religious freedom watchdog Open Doors USA, Nigeria ranks at #12 worldwide for persecution of Christians. Islamic terrorist organization BokoContinue reading “Genocide in Nigeria: Calling It What It Is, Calling for It to End”

Wen Wei Chieh: Steadfast in Opposition

At 9 a.m. at a dock in Canton, China, Wen Wei Chieh waited. After six long years imprisoned by the Communists for her public witness as a Christian, she had finally been granted a permit to travel to Hong Kong.  Only one thing stood between her and boarding the ship: the inspection of her baggage,Continue reading “Wen Wei Chieh: Steadfast in Opposition”

Asylum seekers and refugees help Salvation Army respond to coronavirus food poverty

Asylum seekers and refugees are among the volunteers assisting The Salvation Army as it responds to food poverty during the coronavirus crisis. They are part of an army of volunteers packing essential food parcels and cooking meals to make sure people in need do not go without a hot dinner. As asylum seekers, many ofContinue reading “Asylum seekers and refugees help Salvation Army respond to coronavirus food poverty”

Esther Ahn Kim: Steadfast in Persecution

Shivering in her jail cell and huddled with fellow prisoners for warmth, Ahn Ei Sook (later known by her married name, Esther Ahn Kim) heard moaning from a nearby cell. It was coming from a 20-year-old Chinese woman who had brutally murdered her husband.  The woman was said to be insane. She wore clothes thatContinue reading “Esther Ahn Kim: Steadfast in Persecution”

World Bank Projection spells Disaster for India

 India’s economy was already staggering before COVID-19 made a bad situation worse. The World Bank announced yesterday that the Indian economy will likely shrink by 3.2 percent in the current fiscal year. The previous fiscal year saw a 4.2 percent decrease. An economic hit to Asia’s third-largest economy would have global ramifications. Erik Morsehead of Mission India says theContinue reading “World Bank Projection spells Disaster for India”

Death Tolls Mounts in Nigeria ‘Jihad’

A new report from Nigeria claims the latest attacks by Fulani militants have killed 620 Christians in the first five months of 2020, according to Release International. The charity goes on to says that a recent attack on a Baptist village killed 17, including an entire family. A report, by the International Society for CivilContinue reading “Death Tolls Mounts in Nigeria ‘Jihad’”