They Are Still Trying to Explain God Away

We’re often told that science is steadily removing reasons for belief in God. As atheist Jerry Coyne says, “Bit by bit, the list of phenomena that once demanded an explanatory God is being whittled down to nothing.” It’s not that this kind of claim doesn’t have force; indeed, I think it requires careful consideration, andContinue reading “They Are Still Trying to Explain God Away”

To the Four Monuments of Human Nature

Fortune, Fame, Power, Pleasure Built in clusters, making them appear formidable . . . and acceptable. As the idols in ancient Athens, our society is saturated with them. Fortune. How neatly it fits our times! Its inscription at the base is bold: “Get rich.” The figure in the statue is impressive—a hardworking young executive, a clever, diligentContinue reading “To the Four Monuments of Human Nature”

A Hebrew Look at Heaven

The book of Hebrews presents Christ’s offering and intercession as two central features of his priestly work. Although some interpreters locate the offering of Christ solely at the cross, Hebrews suggests that Christ, like the high priest on the Day of Atonement, presents his offering after entering the Holy of Holies — in this case,Continue reading “A Hebrew Look at Heaven”

Doctors Warn Against Assisted Suicide

Over fifty doctors working in palliative medicine and care for dying patients have signed a letter to The Times in opposition to any proposed changes in the assisted suicide law. In the face of continual attempts to legalise assisted suicide, fifty doctors have signalled their continued support for protections in the law for the most vulnerable. InContinue reading “Doctors Warn Against Assisted Suicide”

A Congregation Is Not an Audience

What is Jesus doing right now? According to Ephesians 4, he is ascended in heaven and is gifting his church for greater mission and unity. He’s giving leaders, who equip all the saints for ministry, so that the whole family can be built up in maturity. By contrast, we all too often create ministry systems thatContinue reading “A Congregation Is Not an Audience”

An Old Fashioned Word

WHOEVER READS THE WRITINGS OF Christians from earlier centuries is struck with the frequent references to God’s providence. Why don’t we hear more about it today? What imp sneaked in and stole this good word from our twenty-first century vocabulary? The spirit of naturalism that views all events in nature as ruled by independent naturalContinue reading “An Old Fashioned Word”