Christian Liberty and the 4th of July

As June slips into July and your neighbors begin stockpiling firecrackers to shoot off as soon as you’ve fallen asleep, our minds shift to thoughts of freedom, independence, and liberty. In anticipation of our country’s annual 4th of July celebration, we tend to focus on the outward expressions of our liberty—from the patriotic clothes weContinue reading “Christian Liberty and the 4th of July”

The Tragedy of the Human Condition

Christianity offers the most accurate explanation for all broken relationships by calling sin a sin. How depraved our desires have become, and how far we have fallen from the beautiful image of God! This is the tragedy of the human condition: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). IfContinue reading “The Tragedy of the Human Condition”

What’s Really Wrong with This World

The question most central to defining a worldview, other than “Who is God?” and “What does it mean to be human?” is “What’s really wrong with the world?” It’s a tricky question, because there are a lot of things wrong with the world. The question is, what is the core problem that needs to be addressed in the world,Continue reading “What’s Really Wrong with This World”

Were Women Treated Like Chattel In The Old Testament?

If you’ve ever spent time talking with skeptics about the Bible, they’ve more than likely brought up Old Testament laws that appear out of step with our “modern ideals.” For example, many suggest that the Bible treats women like chattel (property) and promotes misogyny. Then they’ll quote verses that appear, on the surface, to make women outContinue reading “Were Women Treated Like Chattel In The Old Testament?”

Why Should God Care About Your Good Works?

For most people, when pressed on their belief in the eternal usually reply something like this: Yes, there may be a God; they will concede. But “I’m not worried,” they say. “I’m a good person, after all, and God will judge me accordingly.” I’d like to explore a different approach, by examining what people meanContinue reading “Why Should God Care About Your Good Works?”