Particle Board Preaching

I sometimes put myself through the painful experience of listening to the sermons of pastors outside of my own ecclesiastical circle in order to hear what is being taught in other churches–both in surrounding areas and abroad. More often than not, what I hear is anything but Christian preaching. Rather, what I hear is moralContinue reading “Particle Board Preaching”

Shaking Your Fists at God

READ:Job 6:1-13 REFLECT:This may be a difficult passage for you to read today. Certainly, it’s not the‘happy’ or ‘uplifting’ kind of reading that we usually enjoy. But perhapsJob’s painful cry to God resonates with your own experience. We all gothrough times of great suffering, or we journey with friends and loved oneswho do. In thoseContinue reading “Shaking Your Fists at God”

The Greatest Threat to Christianity?

In his book The End of Apologetics: Christian Witness in a Postmodern Context, Myron Bradley Penner says this: “Apologetics itself [the study and teaching of reasons for faith] might be the single biggest threat to genuine Christian faith that we face today.” According to Penner, apologetics — not pornography, not relativism, not secularism — isContinue reading “The Greatest Threat to Christianity?”