The Burden of Inadequacy

Deuteronomy 1:19-36 Standing on the edge of the Promised Land, the Israelites were overcome by fear. The size and strength of the enemy contrasted sharply with their own weakness and inability. Because we’re human, everyone at times will experience inadequacy and the uncomfortable feelings that accompany it. The issue you and I face is notContinue reading “The Burden of Inadequacy”

A Jewish of Death and Life

As we go through the comforting month of Menachem Av and come towards the month of Ellul, the month of repentance, we study the final book of the Torah, known in Hebrew as Devarim (Words and Things), known in Greek as Deuteronomy. The reason that this Book is called Words and Things is that Moses reminds the Jewish people that words areContinue reading “A Jewish of Death and Life”

Survey: Majority of American Christians Don’t Believe the Gospel

The Story: A new survey finds that a majority of people who describe themselves as Christian accept a “works-oriented” means to God’s acceptance. The Background: A survey conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University find that American adults today increasingly adopt a “salvation-can-be-earned” perspective. A plurality of adults (48 percent) believe thatContinue reading “Survey: Majority of American Christians Don’t Believe the Gospel”

How Satan Comforts the Bereaved

My Dear Globdrop, Words fail to express how pleased I am that your man attended his uncle’s funeral, after all. You did well to heed my counsel, nephew, despite Screwtape’s unsolicited “advising to the contrary.” Last week your great uncle and I engaged in a lively dispute concerning the question at hand: Is encouraging theContinue reading “How Satan Comforts the Bereaved”