The Bible and Holiness

Each of the four living creatures had six wings; they were covered with eyes around and inside. Day and night they never stop, saying: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God, the Almighty, who was, who is, and who is coming.”   Revelation 4:8 DEFINITION: Holiness is the quality of being set apart. God is holy because He isContinue reading “The Bible and Holiness”

Hinduism and Faith

Despite being born in a practicing Hindu family, and despite being brought up in the tradition of idols, temples, and sacrifices, and despite living in the land of Kumari, the living goddess of Nepal, I never understood Hinduism. It was too complex and diverse. Hinduism is an ancient polytheistic, pantheistic, henotheistic, and animistic religion, whichContinue reading “Hinduism and Faith”

How Should You Think About Your Body?

How should the Christian think about his or her physical body? What should a Christian say to a person who has ‘body issues’, who is dissatisfied with their body and is contemplating possibly drastic action to change it? The Book of Common Prayer Epistle reading for today, the 23rd Sunday after Trinity, makes an important contributionContinue reading “How Should You Think About Your Body?”

Needing More Than Jesus

The math does not make sense, but the truth of the equation is essential: when you add to Jesus, you actually subtract from Him. This curious fact burned bright as I read the article. It came from a small local church’s magazine. The author explained that salvation is by faith alone. However, right after that theological gem,Continue reading “Needing More Than Jesus”

Why God Turns His Face Away

The book of Amos contains a truth that is as unpalatable today as it was in Amos’s time: when God’s people begin to look and act like a culture that is defined by moral perversity, material prosperity, and religious hypocrisy, they will become alienated from their creator God. Persistent, unrepentant disobedience will lead to HisContinue reading “Why God Turns His Face Away”