Can Our Loved Ones in Heaven See What We Are Doing Here

It’s odd to me that so many assume people who are now in the present Heaven are completely ignorant of what’s going on here on Earth where the great drama of redemption is unfolding—wouldn’t we think they’d be more enlightened, not less? From what we see in Scripture, it appears people in Heaven have at least someContinue reading “Can Our Loved Ones in Heaven See What We Are Doing Here”

The Artist at His Wheel

In the midst of the Great Depression, in 1939, The American Pottery Exhibit at The New York World’s Fair offered patrons two collectable pieces of pottery. Two of Homer Laughlin Pottery’s artists, Bill Barrisford and Garvin Miller, designed the plates, promoting a trending turquoise glaze featured on the company’s newest line of pottery. The firstContinue reading “The Artist at His Wheel”

People Are Out There Surviving

Not long ago a reader shared a profound comment in reply to a post on my Facebook page. This is one of the most powerful stories we’ve received from readers of the Heaven book: We—very suddenly and unexpectedly—lost our 16-year-old son on 10/6. He was the fourth of our five children. I have struggled mightilyContinue reading “People Are Out There Surviving”

What Are My Deceased Loved Ones Doing Right Now?

A reader wrote, “I just finished the book Heaven. Knowing Jesus, I found it inspiring and well documented. I was disappointed there wasn’t more mentioned about the immediate Heaven, the one right after we leave this earth. I just lost a loved one and would like more information and clarity about what she is experiencing.Continue reading “What Are My Deceased Loved Ones Doing Right Now?”

Do People Remember This Life in Heaven?

In Heaven, we will recall some—likely most or all—of our lives on earth. This is among the most controversial beliefs I’ve presented in my books, yet there’s clear scriptural evidence for it: The martyrs in Heaven clearly remember at least some of what happened on earth, including that they underwent great suffering (Rev. 6:9-11). TheyContinue reading “Do People Remember This Life in Heaven?”