Depression Doesn’t Define You

I did not have a word for it until my senior year of college. Looking back, I can see it started before then, in cycles and seasons when I described myself as “down,” “in a funk,” “struggling,” “low.” My friend talked me into seeing a counselor at our college’s health center, and there I wasContinue reading “Depression Doesn’t Define You”

Why Is My Child Handicapped?

Most people would say life is hard, but there are some things that can make life feel harder and one person born with a physical handicap couldn’t help but feel that way. They once got in touch with Billy Graham to ask why God allows some people to be born with a physical handicap andContinue reading “Why Is My Child Handicapped?”

Shaking Your Fists at God

READ:Job 6:1-13 REFLECT:This may be a difficult passage for you to read today. Certainly, it’s not the‘happy’ or ‘uplifting’ kind of reading that we usually enjoy. But perhapsJob’s painful cry to God resonates with your own experience. We all gothrough times of great suffering, or we journey with friends and loved oneswho do. In thoseContinue reading “Shaking Your Fists at God”

A Heart Can Smile When the Face Cannot

We went to visit Nick on Christmas morning. “Visit Nick”—that’s what we’ve decided to call it when we spend time at his graveside. “Going to the cemetery” focuses on the place, not the person, so is too impersonal, too abstract. “Paying our respects” is another option, but sounds too formal to describe going to theContinue reading “A Heart Can Smile When the Face Cannot”