God Didn’t Leave Us Says Pastor in War-Torn Syria

When civil war started in Syria, Pastor George Moushi didn’t flee. He stayed when bombing meant neighbours had to run to his house in Qamishli for cover. And he stayed again when Covid-19 saw people hide in their homes from the silent killer while being threatened with financial ruin and starvation. He stayed because, alongContinue reading “God Didn’t Leave Us Says Pastor in War-Torn Syria”

Oh My Failing Flesh

It was a rough July. Twice I was unexpectedly hospitalized and needed the whole nine yards of medical intervention: ER, ICU, and regular hospitalization. No, not for the reason you might expect. In fact, I’ve tested negative for COVID-19 twice. I’ve never tried to hide my age, but I have recently bragged in print thatContinue reading “Oh My Failing Flesh”

We Cling to the Scripture

It’s a Sunday evening and we’re just kids—black kids, in fact. We should be outdoors in fading daylight, slurping Mama’s homemade ice cream, catching fireflies, watching our parents laugh with neighbors, changing the record player—turning it low to soft-serenade our long-running, after-church meal. Instead, dinner’s over and we kids are back at church. And getContinue reading “We Cling to the Scripture”

COVID’s Second Strike on Low-Income Families

The coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse financial impact on low income families, new research has found. A study by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and the Church of England found that eight in 10 low income families had been left worse off as a result of Covid-19. Nearly half said they were sufferingContinue reading “COVID’s Second Strike on Low-Income Families”