Before the Holiday Madness Begins; A Word about Grief

Christians in bereavement ministry have been sharing how the Church can be there for people experiencing the loss of a loved one. Rev Canon Dr Sandra Millar, head of Life Events at the Church of England, and Rev Canon Yvonne Richmond Tulloch, CEO of bereavement support website, led a seminar at the Christian ResourcesContinue reading “Before the Holiday Madness Begins; A Word about Grief”

How Do I Respond to the Recent Increase in Crime?

When I was born, violent crime in America was historically high. Starting around 1960, crime rates climbed, and three decades later, violent crime had quadrupled from its mid-century low. Our pop culture looks back on the 1970s and 1980s with nostalgia, envisioning a suburban idyll of kids biking around the neighborhood at twilight hour. There’sContinue reading “How Do I Respond to the Recent Increase in Crime?”

The World Is Afraid and the Church Isn’t Helping

Since the beginning of creation, fear and hope have been parts of our psyche. But even as we are made in the image of God, fear and hope do not come from God in the sense that He has these traits too. For He neither fears, nor hopes, because He knows all things, is beyondContinue reading “The World Is Afraid and the Church Isn’t Helping”

Why Do We Struggle So Much with Lust?

This may sound too simple, but the answer to this question is, because we are human, and therefore sinful (Psalm 51:5). Our hearts are deceptively wicked, even believers’ hearts, because we won’t be free of sin until glory (2 Corinthians 3:18) when Christians will have totally surrendered to Christ’s Lordship. Strong sexual desire in and ofContinue reading “Why Do We Struggle So Much with Lust?”

When Pornography Has You in It’s Grip

I remember the before and after of my conversion to Christianity. I remember before being married and after—before having children and after. There is one before and after that stands out among them all. Though it has so profoundly changed me, I have yet to speak of it publically, and rarely privately. Before this event,Continue reading “When Pornography Has You in It’s Grip”

Well, If You Weren’t Depressed Enough

The great financial historian, Charles Kindleberger, pointed out in the 1970s that over several centuries, history showed there was a financial crisis about once every ten years. His observation still holds. In every decade since his classic Manias, Panics and Crashes of 1978, such crises have indeed continued to erupt in their turn, in theContinue reading “Well, If You Weren’t Depressed Enough”

Jesus Moves Towards Us in the Moment of Our Shame

The unfailing love of Jesus is unspeakably glorious, sacred, and precious—especially right after sexual sin because our sexuality is so delicate and personal and our consciences are especially tender in this area of sin. So we are so grieved that the steep letdown after a visit to a porn site—after the short gratification—is so injuringContinue reading “Jesus Moves Towards Us in the Moment of Our Shame”

Trusting the Unknown to the Known

Many people seem keen to make predictions about what our post-pandemic world will be like. Will we fully get back to ‘normal’ or are we heading for a ‘new normal’ and should we, therefore, relocate the office to Bermuda? I’m not going to make any predictions because one of the most important things we shouldContinue reading “Trusting the Unknown to the Known”

A Prayer for Weeks Like This

Father, our minds are consumed with the events so distressing in these very troubled days. We remain steadfast in prayer as we are made aware of those in harm’s way, and those whose deaths have left families in deep grief, pain and confusion. For each of us our days are numbered so we ask forContinue reading “A Prayer for Weeks Like This”