An Open Letter to Those Suffering in the Hospital

Dear Friend, You’ve leaned into your faith so many times before. When fears have stirred you to wakefulness, you’ve turned to Scripture for assurance of God’s love. When anxiety has troubled you, you’ve sung hymns, recited the liturgy, and prayed with your brothers and sisters in Christ. You’ve learned to run to the Lord whenContinue reading “An Open Letter to Those Suffering in the Hospital”

Does Chronic Pain Serve a Purpose?

We have a heavy question today about unalleviated chronic pain. It comes from an anonymous man who listens to the podcast. “Pastor John, hello. Thank you for this podcast, and thank you for taking my question. My mother, a believer, struggles with debilitating — very debilitating — nerve pain and can get no medical reliefContinue reading “Does Chronic Pain Serve a Purpose?”

Burdening Ourselves to Death

I have several friends in ministry who recently unplugged from social media. When a particular flashbulb, social media incident precipitated angst and outrage on “Christian twitter,” my friends remained calm and steady. When I asked if they had heard about such and such an occurrence, they nonchalantly shrugged it off. I was envious of theContinue reading “Burdening Ourselves to Death”