To the Four Monuments of Human Nature

Fortune, Fame, Power, Pleasure Built in clusters, making them appear formidable . . . and acceptable. As the idols in ancient Athens, our society is saturated with them. Fortune. How neatly it fits our times! Its inscription at the base is bold: “Get rich.” The figure in the statue is impressive—a hardworking young executive, a clever, diligentContinue reading “To the Four Monuments of Human Nature”

Do I Dare Tell People I Had An Abortion?

How do I communicate about my sexual past—which sadly includes two abortions—to the people in my life? I often hear from women trying to process the aftermath of an abortion. What I like to do is pour a cup of coffee and invite them to tell me the whole story. I share mine, too, andContinue reading “Do I Dare Tell People I Had An Abortion?”

Did I Make a Mistake?

Do you ever feel like your marriage was an accident? Do you ever wonder, “Did I make a mistake?” Maybe your new life together started strong, with hopes that beamed like the sun on the horizon of your life. But now your dreams have lost altitude; a few have even crashed to earth. Marriage, quiteContinue reading “Did I Make a Mistake?”

“We Can’t Keep Up” Story of a Hidden Massacre

A Christian charity is sending a £90,000 aid package to Mozambique after the horrific massacre of over 50 people by Islamist extremists. The victims were beheaded execution-style in a football stadium in Muidumbe village, Cabo Delgado, a region in the north where hundreds of attacks have left around 2,000 people dead and 310,000 homeless. AidContinue reading ““We Can’t Keep Up” Story of a Hidden Massacre”

I’ve Been Here Too Long

I am not sure why I ordered anything to eat in the first place. Anxiety had locked up my appetite. Eating seemed more of a chore than a pleasure as I sat across the table from a trusted pastor and friend, pouring out recent pains and telling him how fear had gripped nearly every areaContinue reading “I’ve Been Here Too Long”

France’s Faithful Fearful after Attack

France is deploying military forces at religious sites as pastors are anxious and anguished after a Greek Orthodox priest was attacked with a sawn-off shotgun in the city of Lyon on Saturday, days after three people were killed in an Islamist extremist attack at a Catholic church in the city of Nice. Nikolas Kakavelakis, aContinue reading “France’s Faithful Fearful after Attack”