The Fierce Struggle

In 1896, an explorer named Carl Akeley found himself in a remote section of Ethiopia, chased by an eighty-pound leopard. He remembered the leopard pouncing, trying “to sink her teeth into my throat.” She missed, snagging his right arm with her vicious jaws. The two rolled in the sand—a long, fierce struggle. Akeley weakened, andContinue reading “The Fierce Struggle”

Sitting in the Middle of the Hard

Life is hard. There. I’ve said it. I know this because I’ve lived much of the last decade in pain—debilitating physical pain caused by chronic illness, and the soul-crushing pain of having a precious child who is locked in a place of emotional trauma. Perhaps the deepest hurt of all is knowing that I cannotContinue reading “Sitting in the Middle of the Hard”

Why did testing come to Job?

Why believers undergo prolonged and difficult suffering has no one, simple explanation. But the Bible offers several reasons. First, testing strengthens our character. James says, the testing of your faith develops perseverance (James 1:2–3). Painful situations produce character the same way regular exercise builds muscle tone. Peter adds that testing proves our faith is genuineContinue reading “Why did testing come to Job?”

Is God guilty of neglect?

No. But to those who have hit bottom and feel abandoned, God might appear to be neglectful. In his despair Job paints a horrifying—and incorrect—picture of God, saying that He afflicts for no reason (9:17), overwhelms people with misery (9:18), destroys both the righteous and the unrighteous indiscriminately (9:22), laughs at the pain of theContinue reading “Is God guilty of neglect?”

The Worst Suffering of All. One That Need Not Have Been.

The historical background of Psalm 137 is very sad. The people of God failed to heed centuries of warnings and found themselves living with the consequences of disobedience. While God had not removed His fellowship—He loved the people of Judah as much as ever—He stripped them of their covenant blessings. No longer did they liveContinue reading “The Worst Suffering of All. One That Need Not Have Been.”