What Happened to Prayer Meetings?

An East Indian evangelist described his first experience at an American prayer meeting. He was visiting a megachurch known, even in India, for the pastor’s outstanding preaching. He was thrilled when the pastor invited the three thousand Sunday worshipers to the midweek prayer meeting. The pastor even shared that something was “heavy on his heart”Continue reading “What Happened to Prayer Meetings?”

No Prayer, Not Even Silent

Adam Smith-Connor prayed silently on a public street in Bournemouth, England, earlier this month, his back to an abortion clinic. When community safety officers asked what he was doing, he told them he was “praying for [his] son, who is deceased.” The officers expressed condolences but then said Smith-Connor, a 49-year-old physical therapist and BritishContinue reading “No Prayer, Not Even Silent”

A Prayer for God’s Strength

Father, the journey is long, the obstacles are many, and the endurance needed to live by faith is the challenge given to every believer. In ourselves we are ill-equipped physically, mentally, and emotionally to endure to the end. But You give supernatural strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak. You alsoContinue reading “A Prayer for God’s Strength”

A Prayer for the Heavenly Focus

Father, with great anticipation I am looking for a city with an eternally strong foundation, a home in the heavens not made by human hands. Help me to live as an alien here on earth since the benefits of my citizenship in heaven are of far greater worth than the benefits of my citizenship hereContinue reading “A Prayer for the Heavenly Focus”

Prayer for the Sanctity of Life

Father, thank You for creating my inmost parts: You knit me together in my mother’s womb and for that I praise and thank you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Everything in all of Your creation is amazing and perfectly formed for Your glory and for our good. While proponents of abortion speak inContinue reading “Prayer for the Sanctity of Life”

My Mom Prayed for Dad : 5 Prayers Wives Can Pray

Praying powerful, Scriptural prayers for our husbands isn’t something we do every once in a blue moon or even whenever we feel like it. Instead, something that we MUST do and should be doing every day! Our husbands are constantly under spiritual attack, whether at work, at home, or even while serving in the church.Continue reading “My Mom Prayed for Dad : 5 Prayers Wives Can Pray”

A Prayer for Our Fallen World

Romans 3:23 ‘… for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ Lord, we confess that we are part of a fallen world.We stand chargeable with sin along with every other human being,And we know that things in that regard are no different today than they were when the Apostle wrote hisContinue reading “A Prayer for Our Fallen World”

It Requires Prayer

New starts require sacrifice. This is true for diets, training for a marathon, or preparing for a concert. Anything of significance requires effort. Rebuilding walls requires brick and mortar. But rebuilding lives requires humility, commitment, and earnestness. Once work on the temple altar and temple itself were completed, it was time to get the exiles’Continue reading “It Requires Prayer”