The Groan and Grind of Life

If tears were indelible ink instead of clear fluid, all of us would be stained for life. The heartbreaking circumstances, the painful encounters with calamities, the brutal verbal blows we receive from the surgeon or an angry mate, the sudden loss of someone we simply adored, riding out the consequences of a stupid decision—ah! SuchContinue reading “The Groan and Grind of Life”

From One Degree of Glory to Another

The alarm clock startled me awake at 6:00 AM. This was an optimistic time. I grasped for my phone on the nightstand and hit the snooze button. I laid there and wondered, “How long do I have until the baby and big kid are awake?” I think to myself; today will be different.  Today willContinue reading “From One Degree of Glory to Another”

Shelters of God

What is perspective? Well, it’s obviously related to the way we view something. The term literally suggests “looking through . . . seeing clearly.” One who views life through perspective lenses has the capacity to see things in their true relations or relative importance. He sees the big picture. She is able to distinguish theContinue reading “Shelters of God”

The Christian and Suicide

1 million people a year commit suicide. It is the third leading cause of death. Q. If a Christian as a soldier jumps on a grenade to save his buddies, is he committing suicide? Q. Is a Christian who refuses treatment for a terminal cancer committing suicide? Q. Does a Christian who commits suicide goContinue reading “The Christian and Suicide”

This Won’t Hurt a Bit…Sure

Each morning you awaken to an unpredictable set of hours filled with surprises and trials and anxieties. You know before your feet ever touch the floor you are in for another who-knows-what day. You could be in an accident on the freeway, fired from the job, the victim of a personal attack, mistreated, robbed, slandered,Continue reading “This Won’t Hurt a Bit…Sure”

Why Are You So Restless?

Saint Augustine was right to call human hearts restless. That’s a sad word. Restless people are constantly active, unable to find peace as a result of anxiety or boredom. Restless people roam, desire, and covet, but do not arrive, achieve, or obtain (James 4:2). The fourth commandment can cure restlessness. It offers to focus ourContinue reading “Why Are You So Restless?”