If We Could But Go Together

I am slowly (but steadily!) making my way through the collected sermons of De Witt Talmage. Though he is little-known and little-remembered today, he was considered one of the great preachers of his time. In one of his sermons I found this sweet tribute to his parents and the joy of a long marriage. MyContinue reading “If We Could But Go Together”

God Speaks in the Most Unusual Ways

As the young boy nervously tiptoed to the bedside, his dying grandfather motioned for him to hold his hand. In his final moments, this family elder wanted to make sure the next generation understood a most important lesson. He pointed to the cross-stitch sign above his head and asked the lad to read it. TheContinue reading “God Speaks in the Most Unusual Ways”

Cynicism Isn’t a Spiritual Gift

One of my favorite verses in the New Testament is a bit of an odd one. James, writing about prayer and dependence on God, makes this statement: Elijah was a man like us (James 5:17). Now, I’ve gone to church my whole life and have learned a lot about Elijah. He’s the wild wilderness dudeContinue reading “Cynicism Isn’t a Spiritual Gift”

When Your Child Commits Suicide

Please help me understand if my young adult daughter is with God. She ended her life earlier this year, and I am struggling. She was 10 when we talked about Jesus, and she felt she wanted to know Him. But after that she didn’t choose God, and I feel responsible because I didn’t really leadContinue reading “When Your Child Commits Suicide”

How Can I Know That I Am Redeemed?

It is certainly possible for a person to know that he is saved and is ready to meet God. In fact, God intends and desires us to have this assurance.First, however, we should realize that trying to live a Christian life is not sufficient. As the Apostle Paul says, “For I know that in meContinue reading “How Can I Know That I Am Redeemed?”