Are We Facing a Totalitarian Threat

Reading Rod Dreher’s newest book, Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents, brought to mind a song from Christian contemporary singer Carman in my early youth-group days: “America Again.” The song praises the founding fathers and the early American story before shifting to a litany of sins engulfing the nation in the mid-1990sContinue reading “Are We Facing a Totalitarian Threat”

Know Your Heretics

The Rise of the Judaizers A problem arose in the early church when the apostles took the gospel of Jesus to Jews, Samaritans, and Gentiles. When Gentiles responded to the gospel, a conflict arose that threatened to divide the church. A group called the Judaizers opposed Paul and Barnabas at the Council of Jerusalem (ADContinue reading “Know Your Heretics”

Pride, Police and Preaching

Cornwall Pride is cancelled. Wonderful news? Josh Williamson the Australian Baptist pastor in Newquay thought so. In fact, he tweeted those exact words on the Cornwall Live FB page. The resultant fuss, including threats of vandalism and deportation, has been covered, but I want to ask what lessons we can learn from this fuss. So,Continue reading “Pride, Police and Preaching”

The American Political Party System

In an election year, Christian citizens are confronted with choosing between candidates the two major political parties put before them. While some voters have enduring loyalties to one party or the other, voting consistently along partisan lines from one election to the next, it seems increasing numbers are dissatisfied with the options, wishing they couldContinue reading “The American Political Party System”

Calls for Legal Action Against Netflix’s “Cuties”

There have been calls for legal action to be taken against Netflix over the film “Cuties”, which critics say amounts to child exploitation. Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and Indiana Rep. Jim Banks told the Daily Caller they want the Department of Justice to bring legal action against Netflix over the release of the French film, whichContinue reading “Calls for Legal Action Against Netflix’s “Cuties””

Things that Change and Things that Never Will for the Church

Minneapolis endured two nights of curfew last month due to unrest that erupted after a false report of another black man shot by police. The mayor acted fast to stem the turbulence, not wanting a repeat of the awfulness that happened with George Floyd’s killing and its aftermath. Huddled in my home fairly far from downtown Minneapolis,Continue reading “Things that Change and Things that Never Will for the Church”

The Death of Boldness?

“You dogs! Snakes! Morons! Fools! Hypocrites! Swine!” Can you imagine the uproar if a Christian leader were to use such terms on Twitter or Facebook? I suspect a ban would not be far away. At the very least, this could be considered ‘hate speech’ – and it hardly seems very loving. I can imagine theContinue reading “The Death of Boldness?”

Paths Through the Current Unrest

1. Pray for wisdom, safety, courage, and virtue–as a way of life. 2. Study the issues, such as a biblical view of justice, race, the state, and rights. For starters, read Francis Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto. Then, Os Guinness, Last Call for Liberty. 3. Don’t speak about what you don’t know. Be different. 4. Don’t follow aContinue reading “Paths Through the Current Unrest”

What Makes a Man…or a Woman?

When it comes to understanding what it means to be a man or a woman, we live in a confused and confusing time. Distinctions that were obvious to previous generations are no longer so clear. The reasons for this confusion are complex, and addressing the question requires not only wisdom but also courage. When facedContinue reading “What Makes a Man…or a Woman?”