You Didn’t Think It Would End There Did You?

A new report highlights a growing trend of trans-identified and nonbinary individuals undergoing surgeries to have both male and female genitalia. One conservative scholar says the trend makes the gender identity debate even more of a “puzzler.” The report, published by VICE last Monday, contains interviews with multiple people who call themselves “Salmacians,” a term forContinue reading “You Didn’t Think It Would End There Did You?”

They Are Getting Rid of Forgiveness

Tim Keller believes there is a cultural crisis going on. In recent years, he began noticing that with the rise of the punitive movement known as “cancel culture” came a disturbing trend: young people were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of forgiveness. “They don’t know how to forgive, and they’re not even sure theyContinue reading “They Are Getting Rid of Forgiveness”

It Can’t Happen Here

In 1935 acclaimed American writer Sinclair Lewis’s novel “It Can’t Happen Here” was published. The novel described a fascist takeover of America, not from outside but from within. 1935 was a time when many Americans inclined toward communism or fascism. Lewis believed that the greater danger to American democracy was fascism. Many Americans then andContinue reading “It Can’t Happen Here”

The Halloween That Saved My Life

On Halloween night in 1998, I threw a party in my apartment at Virginia Tech University. I was 20 years old and in the wildest season of my life. I had three female roommates and a live-in girlfriend, and I spent most of my spare time smoking weed, doing lines of cocaine, and drinking. IContinue reading “The Halloween That Saved My Life”

What People Are Really Saying About the Future of America

Three-quarters of Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction, and the majority of many religious groups agree with that sentiment, a new report shows. But they don’t all agree on what, exactly, has gone wrong. The 2022 American Values Survey by Public Religion Research Institute finds that religious Americans hold generally negative viewsContinue reading “What People Are Really Saying About the Future of America”

Rules for Christian Mockery

Few websites have the spite, sarcasm, and general nastiness of Twitter. The platform is virtually designed to reward quick, cutting comebacks instead of substance, and “quick and cutting” can often become cruel. Sadly, Christians are often among those engaging in bad-faith speech on Twitter, including against one another.  Jesus said, “By this all people willContinue reading “Rules for Christian Mockery”