The Pendulum and the Plum

You may have heard the stories. Sadly, it’s a pattern many Christians follow. A believer grows up with a misconception about the Christian worldview. One day, he discovers the truth and realizes he was mistaken. He becomes disillusioned with his faith and reacts by adopting a completely opposite—but also unbiblical—position. We often say the pendulumContinue reading “The Pendulum and the Plum”

Where It’s Dangerous to Follow Christ

Where are Christians most persecuted today? This year the top 10 worst persecutors are relatively unchanged. After North Korea is Afghanistan, followed by Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria, and India. Nigeria entered the top 10 for the first time, after maxing out Open Doors’s metric for violence. The nation, with Africa’s largest ChristianContinue reading “Where It’s Dangerous to Follow Christ”

Is It Cruel to Ask Women to Keep Their Unborn Child?

Despite their emphasis on choice, the pro-choice movement leaves many women feeling that they have no choice but abortion. Abortion is constantly portrayed as the preferred choice. After all, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy wonders, what’s the alternative? Raise a child she seemingly can’t afford, and who will disrupt her life choices like goingContinue reading “Is It Cruel to Ask Women to Keep Their Unborn Child?”

The Age of the Tattoo

It’s the age of the tattoo, isn’t it? It has become something of a rite of passage for older teenagers or younger adults to get inked. Whatever we parents think about this trend, I expect we’re unanimous in at least wanting our children to wait until they are old enough to count the cost—to growContinue reading “The Age of the Tattoo”

When You Have About Given Up on the World

Like many other Christians, I am deeply concerned about the direction in which our country has been moving and the speed at which it continues to move. The murder of the unborn, the celebration of every form of sexual immorality, the increase in public acts of violence, perpetual discrimination, sex trafficking, and a rise inContinue reading “When You Have About Given Up on the World”

It’s Time for Your Propaganda

Spinning the news is not new. The news media withholding relevant information from the public is not new. Presenting the news in such a way as to push people a certain direction is not new. Proclaiming propaganda disguised as news is not new. None of this is new. I suppose the only thing that isContinue reading “It’s Time for Your Propaganda”

What Does the Bible Say About White Supremacy?

White supremacy is, simply put, the belief that white people are inherently superior to other races and ethnicities. Considering it is questionable whether any white people are explicitly mentioned in the Bible, the Bible does not directly address the concept of white supremacy. The Bible does, however, address racism, discrimination, and prejudice. In summary, viewingContinue reading “What Does the Bible Say About White Supremacy?”

Cool Christianity Is Not Cool

At the beginning of the 21st century, “relevance” became the prevailing buzzword in Western evangelical Christianity. Sensing new urgency to make the gospel more appealing to the next generation—which polls showed were leaving faith in greater numbers—pastors, church leaders, and Christian influencers tried to rebrand faith. This was the era of Relevant magazine’s launch, Donald Miller’s Blue LikeContinue reading “Cool Christianity Is Not Cool”