It Bears Repeating

Does the Bible teach that life begins at conception?The Bible does teach that life begins at conception. Every culture’s view of when human life begins changes as society’s values, moral standards, and knowledge about the process of embryonic development change. Prior to the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed abortion on demand, developing embryosContinue reading “It Bears Repeating”

When Average Is Awesome

Last weekend, I shared a portion of my testimony at my church’s worship night. When asked if I’d be willing to participate, I felt some initial hesitation. Surely there were more intriguing life stories to tell — you know, testimonies that would keep the audience’s attention! My conversion story, on the other hand, isn’t allContinue reading “When Average Is Awesome”

Unhealthy Craving for Controversy

In Walter Percey’s novel The Moviegoer, the protagonist Binx Bolling reflects: Whenever I feel bad, I go to the library and read controversial periodicals. Though I do not know whether I am a liberal or a conservative, I am nevertheless enlivened by the hatred which one bears for the other. In fact, this hatred strikes meContinue reading “Unhealthy Craving for Controversy”

How Should a Christian React to Persecution of an LGBTQ Person?

The most insidious temptation related to seeing others being persecuted is apathy. As Christians, when we see members of the LGBTQ+ community being persecuted, we have a responsibility to act. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor” (Luke 10:27). It doesn’t matter what our neighbor’s opinion is on moral or sexual ethics, the command applies. Loving thoseContinue reading “How Should a Christian React to Persecution of an LGBTQ Person?”

What Is Intersectionality?

Intersectionality is a term used to describe how different forms of discrimination can interact and overlap with each other. In recent years, it has become a feminist buzzword. As a concept, intersectionality deals with the cumulative societal effects of systemic discrimination on people who belong to more than one disadvantaged group. For example, a womanContinue reading “What Is Intersectionality?”