Three Miracles in One

Ours is a supernatural faith built around three personal miracles. Our faith commences with a miracle. We come into the kingdom by a miraculous new birth (John 3:3). Our salvation concludes with a miracle. At our Lord’s coming we will be made like him (1 John 3:2). What a transformation! But there is the continuingContinue reading “Three Miracles in One”

Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, the DC Sniper, and the Importance of Fathers

Like many basketball junkies deprived of March Madness and the NBA playoffs, I devoured ESPN’s ten-part series “The Last Dance,” the definitive account of one of the NBA’s G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time), Michael Jordan. Anyone who watched the emergence of the Bulls in the 1990s knew that Jordan’s talent and athleticism were matched only byContinue reading “Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, the DC Sniper, and the Importance of Fathers”

Pray for Hong Kong Christians

This week, Beijing horrified millions of Hong Kongers with the enforcement of a new national security law that ushers in sweeping regulations criminalising secession, subversion, “terrorism” and collusion with foreign forces. Anyone accused of breaking this law faces extradition to China for trial and life in prison. The wording is so vague that no oneContinue reading “Pray for Hong Kong Christians”

It’s Time to Shed Light on the Cult of Darwinism

As much as I despise the cancel culture, if there is any cultural icon who deserves to be cancelled for racist attitudes, it is Charles Darwin. Or were you not aware of how his ideas helped fuel the fires of eugenics? I tweeted a poll on June 23, asking, “Who said this? The ‘western nations of Europe …Continue reading “It’s Time to Shed Light on the Cult of Darwinism”

Cutting Off Our Own Fingers

If we let passion take the place of judgment, and self-will reign instead of Scriptural authority, we shall fight the Lord’s battles with the devil’s weapons, and if we cut our own fingers we must not be surprised.—charles haddon spurgeon God wants his children to live as children of the King with Kingdom Authority. TheContinue reading “Cutting Off Our Own Fingers”

Is Society Dragging Itself to Chaos?

On July 8, 1741, Jonathan Edwards, famed pastor and theologian of colonial America, delivered one of his most famed messages of all-time at a church in Enfield, Connecticut. The title of his message was “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Using Deuteronomy 32:35 as his text, Edwards argued that sinners are kept inContinue reading “Is Society Dragging Itself to Chaos?”


Every black life is valuable and precious. There are no exceptions. Thus, I can’t support the organization Black Lives Matter. Let me explain. Many of my black friends have told me that the phrase “black lives matters” is powerful because it draws attention to the historical fact that black lives have not been valued equallyContinue reading “EVERY BLACK LIFE MATTERS (BUT I WON’T SUPPORT BLM)”

Americans Don’t See Human Life as ‘Sacred’ But See Humanity as ‘Basically Good’

The Story: A new study finds that a majority of Americans no longer believe human life has intrinsic value, with six out of ten rejecting the idea that “human life is sacred.” Yet a majority also say that humans are “basically good.” The Background: According to new research from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, only 39Continue reading “Americans Don’t See Human Life as ‘Sacred’ But See Humanity as ‘Basically Good’”

What Does the LGBT-Discrimination Decision Mean For Religious Employers?

The Supreme Court recently ruled in Bostock v. Clayton County that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. What are the ruling’s real-world implications for those who maintain traditional, biblical views about human sexuality? How will it affect churches, schools, camps, mission agencies,Continue reading “What Does the LGBT-Discrimination Decision Mean For Religious Employers?”

‘My Fellow Americans: Race Is Not What Is Dividing Us

My fellow-Americans, we are being sold a bill of goods. Race is not what is dividing us. Rather, we are being divided by competing ideologies. Let us put our focus where it belongs. Listening to the news, you would think that racism is deeply entrenched in every neighborhood in our country. That racial hatred isContinue reading “‘My Fellow Americans: Race Is Not What Is Dividing Us”