You Just Can’t Get Rid of the Stench

Marie Stopes International announced that it will henceforth be known as MSI Reproductive Choices, in an attempt to distance themselves from their eugenicist founder, Marie Stopes. “A rose by any other name” as Shakespeare famously wrote, “would smell as sweet.” Giving Marie Stopes another name will do nothing to clear the foul stench of deathContinue reading “You Just Can’t Get Rid of the Stench”

Battlefield or Mission Field? You Decide

Does it seem like your social media newsfeed is full of division and anger right now? You’re not alone. Between an election year in the United States, a global pandemic, social justice tensions, and holiday stress, there’s a lot of kindling for keyboard warriors. But what if Christians viewed social media not as a culturalContinue reading “Battlefield or Mission Field? You Decide”

How Should Christians Think About The Transgender Movement?

In this post, we’re asking the question: How should Christians think about the Transgender Movement? In many respects, this is a difficult question to answer because the movement is constantly in flux and definitions frequently change. Be that as it may, Christians must do their best to engage Transgenderism from a biblical worldview. God’s GoodContinue reading “How Should Christians Think About The Transgender Movement?”

Supreme Court Reconsiders Religious Liberty Rule in Foster Care Case

While the nation focused on counting votes on Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could dramatically expand protections for religious liberty. Lawyers for Philadelphia argued that the city should be allowed to discriminate against religious social service providers as long as the rules it uses are “neutral laws ofContinue reading “Supreme Court Reconsiders Religious Liberty Rule in Foster Care Case”

You Figure It Out?

(Please read the following news report and comment on how you think this conundrum should be handled.) British police interfered with a baptism service held in England due to the religious event having more people in attendance than allowed by recently implemented lockdown restrictions. The London-based congregation The Angel Church held a baptism ceremony onContinue reading “You Figure It Out?”

Doctors Warn Against Assisted Suicide

Over fifty doctors working in palliative medicine and care for dying patients have signed a letter to The Times in opposition to any proposed changes in the assisted suicide law. In the face of continual attempts to legalise assisted suicide, fifty doctors have signalled their continued support for protections in the law for the most vulnerable. InContinue reading “Doctors Warn Against Assisted Suicide”

Secularism and Infertility

Declining fertility rates have a significant correlation with increased secularization, according to Baylor University professor Philip Jenkins. Much of modern Africa tends to be devoutly religious and they also happen to have high fertility rates, Jenkins said. By contrast, the lower a population’s fertility rate the greater the likelihood it is for people to separateContinue reading “Secularism and Infertility”

What I Hate About the Hate Crime Bill

The Bible could be considered “inflammatory” and seized by police if proposed new hate crime laws get the go ahead in Scotland, The Christian Institute has warned. In a submission to Holyrood’s Justice Committee on the Scottish hate crime Bill, the organisation said that the legislation risked having a “chilling effect on free speech” thatContinue reading “What I Hate About the Hate Crime Bill”

“We Can’t Keep Up” Story of a Hidden Massacre

A Christian charity is sending a £90,000 aid package to Mozambique after the horrific massacre of over 50 people by Islamist extremists. The victims were beheaded execution-style in a football stadium in Muidumbe village, Cabo Delgado, a region in the north where hundreds of attacks have left around 2,000 people dead and 310,000 homeless. AidContinue reading ““We Can’t Keep Up” Story of a Hidden Massacre”