The Good ‘American’

For those of us who have lived only in the United States, the stories we hear of past hostilities between whites and blacks here might seem like some of the most hostile in history. The brutal atrocity of chattel slavery, and the curse of Jim Crow, still hang for many like dark clouds over ourContinue reading “The Good ‘American’”

More Than You Asked and Better Than You Deserved

A godly king, backed into a deadly corner, teaches us a liberating truth about prayer. In one of the great tragedies in all of Scripture, David’s son Absalom has exploited his father’s love and conspired against him. Now the rebellion has grown strong, and David is left with no option but to flee Jerusalem inContinue reading “More Than You Asked and Better Than You Deserved”

Tough Hides and Tender Hearts

WHEN HOSEA MARRIED A PROSTITUTE, respect for him dropped to zero. “Small wonder he is listed first among the minor prophets,” some may sneer today. “He must have been a real loser.” Wrong again, O critic. Hosea was one of the most patient, tender, loving, and obedient of all the ancient prophets. “Then why in the world wouldContinue reading “Tough Hides and Tender Hearts”

Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?

Editor’s Note: Can someone who is truly a Christian be possessed by a demon? Demons and their relation to Christians is an important topic and not one discussed very often or openly among Christians.  Christians can be demon oppressed, but never demon possessed. In the Gospels, wherever Jesus goes, he casts out demons. The demons just reallyContinue reading “Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?”

Don’t Trust Your Anger

The anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. (James 1:20) Our world, including our Christian circles, gives us opportunities galore for anger. It’s not as though provocations lie on only one side of the theological, political, or cultural divides. Bob Dylan was right: “Everything is broken.” No wonder, then, that a whole lotContinue reading “Don’t Trust Your Anger”