The Problem with Humanity

The problem with humanity is sin—our natural propensity to love ourselves and live for our glory rather than to love God and seek his glory. But when we finally become convinced of our lost and sinful condition—with all its deadly consequences—then we cry out for the kind of help that only God can give, saying,Continue reading “The Problem with Humanity”

A Promise from God Is a Fact

The Greek concept of knowledge was that it meant acquiring propositional truth-information gained and stored in the mind. But the Hebrews saw knowledge as having to do with relationship and experience. The Old Testament says that Adam “knew” his wife (Genesis 4:1). To “know” her meant that he had an intimate husband-wife relationship with her.The apostle PeterContinue reading “A Promise from God Is a Fact”

The Tragedy of the Human Condition

Christianity offers the most accurate explanation for all broken relationships by calling sin a sin. How depraved our desires have become, and how far we have fallen from the beautiful image of God! This is the tragedy of the human condition: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). IfContinue reading “The Tragedy of the Human Condition”

Were Women Treated Like Chattel In The Old Testament?

If you’ve ever spent time talking with skeptics about the Bible, they’ve more than likely brought up Old Testament laws that appear out of step with our “modern ideals.” For example, many suggest that the Bible treats women like chattel (property) and promotes misogyny. Then they’ll quote verses that appear, on the surface, to make women outContinue reading “Were Women Treated Like Chattel In The Old Testament?”

Counting the 10 Commandments

One of the most enduring elements of the Bible and the Judaeo-Christian worldview within Western culture is the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments. Even if one can’t recite them all, most people have seen the fiery finger of God etch the commandments into two stone tablets as Moses—for many of us, Charlton Heston—watches in awe. ItContinue reading “Counting the 10 Commandments”

God Does Not Give with a Closed Fist

Facing testing times with a mature outlook demands insight beyond oneself. One arrives at a necessary recognition: “if any of you lacks wisdom” (1:5). The qualifying “if” should not mislead anyone. The words should be understood to mean: Since individuals among you are deficient in wisdom. The text implies that some believers came short ofContinue reading “God Does Not Give with a Closed Fist”