Daddy, Why Does the Bible Talk About Killing Children?

I recently felt heartbreak when my daughter, shortly after receiving her first Bible, stumbled onto Deuteronomy 20, which commands Israelites to kill all that breathes in Canaan (vv. 16–18). I’m a pacifist, and that chapter is probably the last one I would want her to read. It happened to be one of her first. “Dad,Continue reading “Daddy, Why Does the Bible Talk About Killing Children?”

Is Your Elder Respectable?

But why would it be necessary for the elders, the pastors, in the church to be respectable? First, Christ not only calls for pastors to be “respectable” (1 Timothy 3:2) but for all Christians to live “godly and dignified in every way” (2:2). And one way Christ shows he’s serious about his followers as aContinue reading “Is Your Elder Respectable?”

Has ‘Homosexual’ Always Been in the Bible?

(A lengthy discourse but well worth the read.) Some time ago, I got an email from someone asking about an interview with Ed Oxford, published as a blog post on Forge titled “Has ‘Homosexual’ always been in the Bible?” Mr. Oxford argued that the idea behind our English word “homosexual” was not always in theContinue reading “Has ‘Homosexual’ Always Been in the Bible?”

The Bible and Prejudice

Broadly speaking, prejudice is preferential bias, and it can be either favorable or unfavorable. But the term prejudice most often refers to a negative opinion, not based on fact or experience, formed without just grounds or sufficient knowledge. Prejudice targets groups or types of people rather than responding to people as individuals. Prejudice is usuallyContinue reading “The Bible and Prejudice”

How Much of the Bible Is Prophecy?

Prophecy accounts for a major portion of the entire canon of Scripture. Numerous books in the Old Testament contain prophecy—some include short statements about the future, and others feature entire prophetic visions. In the New Testament, almost every book contains some prophecy, with Revelation being wholly devoted to a prophetic vision. By one count, aboutContinue reading “How Much of the Bible Is Prophecy?”