More Precious to Me than Silver or Gold

Imagine that you spent your entire life studying Scripture and trying to live it faithfully. What would your life look like? How would you relate to God and others? Psalm 119 shows us, in this carefully and lovingly crafted poem, what it looks like to love the Lord and His Word. I rejoice in followingContinue reading “More Precious to Me than Silver or Gold”

Mid-Afternoon: A Holy War

The concept of “holy war” is most commonly expressed as a war justified on the grounds of religious differences. As typically understood, this concept is neither taught nor encouraged by the Bible. The ancient Israelites were never given a broad mandate to wage war on behalf of their faith, though they were given a specificContinue reading “Mid-Afternoon: A Holy War”

Mid-Morning: Believers Who Die

Yes, regenerate believers in Christ will go to heaven, but more must be said here. Physical death is not the end of existence, but a door that the regenerate human soul and spirit goes through to enter the greater experience of life in God’s immediate presence (John 11:25). Today, in this physical world, the regenerateContinue reading “Mid-Morning: Believers Who Die”