Without Form and Void

Genesis 1:1 tells us, unsurprisingly, that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. There is nothing especially shocking in that statement. However, the statement that follows has raised some eyebrows: the earth was without form and void (Genesis 1:2). The Hebrew tohu is typically translated as “without form” or “formless,” and bohuContinue reading “Without Form and Void”

Is It Cruel to Ask Women to Keep Their Unborn Child?

Despite their emphasis on choice, the pro-choice movement leaves many women feeling that they have no choice but abortion. Abortion is constantly portrayed as the preferred choice. After all, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy wonders, what’s the alternative? Raise a child she seemingly can’t afford, and who will disrupt her life choices like goingContinue reading “Is It Cruel to Ask Women to Keep Their Unborn Child?”

Before You Post It

In her book The Writing Life, Annie Dillard describes writing as making several thousand close judgment calls. William Zinsser concurs in his famous book On Writing Well: “Professional writers rewrite their sentences over and over and then rewrite what they have rewritten.” Dillard and Zinsser have in mind the thousand literary micro-decisions involved in perfectingContinue reading “Before You Post It”