The Loneliness of Being Different

Being different often breeds loneliness of the deepest kind. This is especially true when someone is different in a way that offends the sensibilities of others. For some, the difference is due to illness. Others are born with deformities or are disfigured in an accident. And for many, there will be no remedy in this lifetime.Continue reading “The Loneliness of Being Different”

Developing Female Leadership in the Church

My ministry journey has been unconventional. It hasn’t moved in a straight path, nor at the pace I expected. But whenever someone asks me to share how God got me to where I am today, the one answer I repeatedly give is leadership development. Throughout my career, various leaders have helped change the trajectory ofContinue reading “Developing Female Leadership in the Church”

Amusing Ourselves to Death

When Postman’s classic lament for the loss of our print culture was written in 1985, the Big Three networks dominated. Pac-Man was five years old. USA Today was three. The Mac computer was one. Cable TV was in its infancy. Google was 12 years into the future. Netflix wouldn’t open for business for 14 years.Continue reading “Amusing Ourselves to Death”

When Sorry Isn’t Enough

We are in a season where it seems there have never been more strong opinions about a variety of topics, and more opportunities to offend others. To some degree, disagreement and conflict with those we care about is inevitable in a fallen world. And certainly, disagreement isn’t inherently sinful. But sin can easily be involvedContinue reading “When Sorry Isn’t Enough”

An Open Letter from a Cuban Pastor

I have deep pain and grief in my heart as I see what is happening in our country, despite being one of those who firmly believe that Christians should fight and die, if necessary, for the gospel of Jesus Christ and only for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reason is biblical and simple: noContinue reading “An Open Letter from a Cuban Pastor”

How to Get Along (and What to Do When You Can’t)

Of course, it’s irritating to be told to forgive some people I don’t want to forgive or, even worse, to ask them to forgive me. The Bible is irritating, too, because it won’t leave me alone about my sin and that doesn’t give me any wiggle room. The Bible is also irritating because there areContinue reading “How to Get Along (and What to Do When You Can’t)”

Researching the “We” Over the “I”

The book and later movie, Moneyball, tells the true story of the Oakland A’s baseball team and their general manager, Billy Beane, who came to a crossroads in the way the team had to approach Major League Baseball. At that time, the A’s had a minuscule payroll compared to the large market clubs, and thingsContinue reading “Researching the “We” Over the “I””

The Church Will Never Be the Same Here

Back in March, Iowa pastor Andrew Schmidt could tell from the energy in the sanctuary that it would be Celebrate Church’s most-attended weekend since the pandemic began. Schmidt welcomed new members, baptized babies, and teared up as he extended his arms to pray blessings over the congregation from the stage. Even with the church splitContinue reading “The Church Will Never Be the Same Here”