The Trick of Tolerance

In today’s relativistic, postmodern world, one word can stop an ambassador for Christ in his tracks: “tolerance.” No judgments allowed. No “forcing” personal opinions. All views are equally valid. Once, in a discussion with a class of Christian high school seniors, I wrote two sentences on the board. The first—“All views are equally valid”—expressed theContinue reading “The Trick of Tolerance”

An Open Letter to Graduating High School Students

Dear Graduating High School Seniors, Some of you have heard hundreds of sermons over the years—many of them at church, and for some of you, one sermon a week for the past dozen years in your Christian school.1 This is a season of milestones for many of you. Final papers and final exams. Last games,Continue reading “An Open Letter to Graduating High School Students”

Keep the First Thing First

A recent Love Thy Neighborhoodpodcast detailed how fake news spreads in the church. They told a story from the 2016 election as a case study. On November 5, 2016, just three days before the presidential election, the Denver Guardian ran this headline: “FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide.” TheContinue reading “Keep the First Thing First”