Don’t Look at It but Along It

Life came to a screeching halt nearly a year ago because of the COVID lockdown. This suspension of normal life brought with it the opportunity for reflection, something our busy lives rarely afford. One area the spring lockdown helped us consider afresh is work. For many, work slowed dramatically; for others, it got suspended indefinitelyContinue reading “Don’t Look at It but Along It”

Divided As Never Before

The church is divided as never before. Okay, that may be an overstatement. But I think most Christians would agree that, from personal conversations and from social media scrolling, it certainly feels like the divisions are as bad as ever, and only getting worse. The church has been divided over doctrine before—sometimes for bad reasons,Continue reading “Divided As Never Before”

Who Do You Think You Are?

In a crowded seminary class, the guy beside me started questioning the professor about his encouragement to preach through books of the Bible. The professor, ever the southern gentleman, responded with grace and patience. But the third time the student pressed, the professor sprung off his stool and told the student directly, “Who are youContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are?”

We Are So Not Into History

It’s increasingly obvious that the modern West has become antihistorical. The past is no longer seen as a useful guide to the present or future, but a misleading, unreliable one. Those who lived in the past are more likely to be dishonored than honored. The study of history itself is often seen as wasteful orContinue reading “We Are So Not Into History”

When You Have About Given Up on the World

Like many other Christians, I am deeply concerned about the direction in which our country has been moving and the speed at which it continues to move. The murder of the unborn, the celebration of every form of sexual immorality, the increase in public acts of violence, perpetual discrimination, sex trafficking, and a rise inContinue reading “When You Have About Given Up on the World”

It’s Time for Your Propaganda

Spinning the news is not new. The news media withholding relevant information from the public is not new. Presenting the news in such a way as to push people a certain direction is not new. Proclaiming propaganda disguised as news is not new. None of this is new. I suppose the only thing that isContinue reading “It’s Time for Your Propaganda”

What Does the Bible Say About White Supremacy?

White supremacy is, simply put, the belief that white people are inherently superior to other races and ethnicities. Considering it is questionable whether any white people are explicitly mentioned in the Bible, the Bible does not directly address the concept of white supremacy. The Bible does, however, address racism, discrimination, and prejudice. In summary, viewingContinue reading “What Does the Bible Say About White Supremacy?”