The Pot That Cannot Be Broken

On a street not far from where I live, there’s a pottery studio with an attractive little storefront that displays beautiful clay works for sale by local artisans. Now, let’s imagine that you and I are in this little shop browsing and admiring the craftmanship, when suddenly in walks a grim-faced man wielding a baseballContinue reading “The Pot That Cannot Be Broken”

Crossing the Waters

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.” (Isaiah 43:2 NLT) In 2004, the shoreline of my beloved and beautiful country, Sri Lanka, was devastated by a horrifying and massive tsunami. The destruction caused in just a few minutes was unimaginable,Continue reading “Crossing the Waters”

You Don’t Understand but You Will

Jesus spoke many profound and important words to his disciples the night before his crucifixion. But there’s one statement we might easily pass over, because of the context in which he made it. Yet it is loaded with personal meaning for each of us who follows him: What I am doing you do not understandContinue reading “You Don’t Understand but You Will”