Did I Give Her What She Needed or What Her Father Wanted?

Some time ago I got a call from an intermediary. He knew a bit about my work in the church. He had some sense of what theology was about. He knew a lot about medicine. And he wanted to put me in touch with a family who needed my help. He explained the situation. “She’sContinue reading “Did I Give Her What She Needed or What Her Father Wanted?”

We Live in the Seconds

For nearly ten years now I have kept a prayer journal. My prayers are not organized like some people’s. Rather, my prayers are very disorganized. Only the dates at the top right corner of each page give me any context to previous prayers. It is in large part due to my general disorganization that IContinue reading “We Live in the Seconds”

Your Battle Isn’t With Porn

In the final days of his life, John Wesley, a minister in the Church of England, wrote a letter to a young politician named William Wilberforce. Wesley had urged him to use his political clout for opposing the slave trade in the British Empire. Wilberforce did. He made that fight his life mission. He wasContinue reading “Your Battle Isn’t With Porn”

It’s Been Hard But I Am Still Here

On Wednesday, November 4—the day after the 2020 election—my inbox filled up with emails from the congregation. I’m not sure if the confluence of correspondence was a coincidence, but on that particular day I heard of my failings as a minister from many voices in my church. Maybe you’ve also heard charges like these: YouContinue reading “It’s Been Hard But I Am Still Here”

How Much Sorrow Can You Endure?

How much sorrow must a person endure? How could she withstand another crashing wave of disappointment? Mary Magdalene had been down the road of despair before, confused and tormented by the devil. Then she met Jesus, who freed her from Satan’s power and gave her hope. But then came that dark afternoon when soldiers nailedContinue reading “How Much Sorrow Can You Endure?”

What Are You Looking for?

I am not feeling great. I am exhausted. Everything is too much effort. Nothing is going right for me at the moment. I can’t bring myself to come to church this week. I can’t lose weight. I can’t beat my depression. God seems distant. I can’t forgive my friend. I can’t forgive myself. I amContinue reading “What Are You Looking for?”