A Healthy Loneliness

Nearly half of Americans always or sometimes feel alone. Nearly half of Britons over 65 consider the television or a pet their main source of company. Scientists have long known that loneliness is emotionally painful and can lead to psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. But recently they’ve also discovered how bad it is for the body.Continue reading “A Healthy Loneliness”

20 Quotes from Tim Keller on Resurrection Hope

I recently read Tim Keller’s stirring new book Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter (Viking, 2021) [interview]. Here are 20 quotes that caught my attention. The greatest threat to our hope for a better world is not the natural environment but the various evils that continually spring from the human heart.Continue reading “20 Quotes from Tim Keller on Resurrection Hope”