The Rare and Remarkable Virtue

THE RARE AND REMARKABLE VIRTUE OF patience is within the and-so-forthsection in Galatians chapter 5. You know how we quote that passage . . . “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, and-so-forth.” That lazy habit has caused a very important series of virtues to escape our notice. Let’s read it together as a refresher: The HolyContinue reading “The Rare and Remarkable Virtue”

The COVID Toll on Our Children

The pandemic is taking a toll on mental health across the U.S. Experts say your kids may be most at-risk. Suicide hotlines are ringing off the hook; call volume rose 65-percent last year. Most callers were teens and senior citizens. Trips to the emergency room escalated almost immediately following lockdown orders. “Compared with 2019, the proportion ofContinue reading “The COVID Toll on Our Children”

The Unchurched Do Not Hate You, Christian

“What’s church?” That’s one question my kids weren’t used to hearing. But one morning, a boy who lived down the street knocked on the front door to play with our sons. Because it was a Sunday, our young neighbor was informed that they’d have to take a rain check because they were headed to church.Continue reading “The Unchurched Do Not Hate You, Christian”

Particle Board Preaching

I sometimes put myself through the painful experience of listening to the sermons of pastors outside of my own ecclesiastical circle in order to hear what is being taught in other churches–both in surrounding areas and abroad. More often than not, what I hear is anything but Christian preaching. Rather, what I hear is moralContinue reading “Particle Board Preaching”

Cool Christianity Is Not Cool

At the beginning of the 21st century, “relevance” became the prevailing buzzword in Western evangelical Christianity. Sensing new urgency to make the gospel more appealing to the next generation—which polls showed were leaving faith in greater numbers—pastors, church leaders, and Christian influencers tried to rebrand faith. This was the era of Relevant magazine’s launch, Donald Miller’s Blue LikeContinue reading “Cool Christianity Is Not Cool”

It Is a Waste of Time to Speak to a Troll

Beloved Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is no longer loved. In recent tweets, she expressed her view that men who identify as women are, in fact, men. Though this view is consistent with what virtually every person throughout all of human history has believed, she was branded transphobic. Checkmate, Rowling! In case you didn’t know,Continue reading “It Is a Waste of Time to Speak to a Troll”

Proud to Be a Loser

To be an American Christian today is often to be a cultural loser. This is true both as a matter of demographics and regarding the influence and respectability of traditional Christian beliefs. There are fewer Christians in neighborhoods, and our neighbors think less of us. We are increasingly outsiders. And how we respond to thisContinue reading “Proud to Be a Loser”