Willful Blindness

The Dutch humanist Desiderius Erasmus tried to defend the obscurity of Scripture against the tides of the Protestant Reformation. In his letter to Luther called On the Freedom of the Will, Erasmus parroted the Roman Catholic judgment about the Bible’s relative darkness. The Scriptures, said Erasmus, reflect the vast, unsearchable depths of God – whoContinue reading “Willful Blindness”

When We Are Forgotten

23 Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him. Genesis 40:23 (1599 Geneva Bible) My natural tendency is to heartily participate in self-pity, outrage, and un-forgiveness thereby opening doors in my heart that Satan enters causing me to become discouraged. When this happens to me, I find that my circumstances drive meContinue reading “When We Are Forgotten”

When the Culture Tries to Teach Your Children Sexuality

Sue* and her husband, Steve* are committed Christians who attended their local church and built their home on gospel principles. They excitedly moved their family to another state when an opportunity presented itself for Steve to advance in his career. Little did they know how important the move would be to counteract the destructive genderContinue reading “When the Culture Tries to Teach Your Children Sexuality”

What Kind of Person Are You?

It’s dinnertime in Capernaum. During the day, the streets buzzed with merchants hawking their wares and caravans carrying goods from faraway lands. But the hot sun yielded to the cool air of evening. Children’s voices echo through the streets as they finish playing and head home. Travelers settle into inns for the night. After cleaningContinue reading “What Kind of Person Are You?”