The Fraternity of Friendship

We live in an age where people are desperately looking for connection with each other. Texting, tweeting, instant messaging, Facebook posting, Tiktoking and so much more.  The problem is, virtual communication is a pale shadow of real in person communication.  You are more easily fooled or foiled or scammed in the virtual world. Consider forContinue reading “The Fraternity of Friendship”

An Abundance Mentality

Rejecting scarcity thinking and adopting an abundance mentality produces at least four life-changing results as you lead your church or ministry. Will we have enough? If you’ve ever started a church, led in church revitalization, or pastored a local church of any size, that question drives a lot of discussion, prayer, and decision-making. Will weContinue reading “An Abundance Mentality”

A Watershed Moment

Apparently, the U.K. has decided to shift its loyalties from courageously defying tyranny in the 20th century to embracing it in the 21st. Last week, a “conservative”-led British Parliament made George Orwell’s fictional accounts of “thought crime” a reality. After establishing censorship zones around abortion clinics in England and Wales, the MPs voted 299-116 toContinue reading “A Watershed Moment”

Why We Are Losing the Culture Wars

“Why are we on defense,” one frustrated culture warrior asked me, referring to some religious freedom issue, “when we should be on offense?” As I’ve written elsewhere, I find this metaphor telling. It assumes that what really matters is the church’s state rather than its mission. The more I’ve thought of it, though, the moreContinue reading “Why We Are Losing the Culture Wars”

What’s All This About St. Patty’s Day?

When it comes to Saint Patrick, the true story is even more exciting than the legend and the myth. The facts are far better than the fable. This day that belongs to St. Patrick has become about leprechauns, shamrocks, pots of gold, and green—green everywhere. Famously, the City of Chicago dumps forty pounds of itsContinue reading “What’s All This About St. Patty’s Day?”

The Future Of LBGTQ

After climbing steadily for almost a decade, the percentage of Americans who identify as LGBTQ remained steady at 7.2% in 2022, according to the latest Gallup survey. While the percentage is more than double Gallup’s first measurement in 2012 (3.5%), 2022 levels remained statistically even with the previous year (7.1%). Most of those identifying asContinue reading “The Future Of LBGTQ”