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Today I will conduct a funeral service for a husband whose wife was buried but a few months ago.  His body shall now rest beside hers.  He was a highly successful man with wealth few accumulate but you wouldn’t have known it.  He was one of the most humble men I know.  What really speaks for him is his love for Christ and openness about his faith.  He just loved to talk about Jesus.  No push or shove.  It was natural for him.  His name is Don.

The passion to proclaim Jesus Christ is born from the Christian’s conversion experience, but enthusiasm can fizzle unless we continue learning and growing in faith. We have no reason to speak about someone we barely know.  Don knew Jesus.

Conversely,conviction about who God is strengthens the desire to share. We have the remedy for all of the world’s ills—Jesus Christ!  What good have we done for the kingdom of God or for our unbelieving friends if we stay quiet about Him?  Don never noticed his enthusiasm about Christ as a tool of evangelism.  He just knew what Jesus meant to him and assumed you would want to know as well.  People might start talking to him about money or investments and end up talking about life and faith.

Jesus does more than simply save people from the penalty of past transgression; He frees men and women from sin’s power every day.  When Christ was on the cross, God saw each believer crucified with Him so that sin’s allure was broken. That means we can say no to those things that enslave others.  The Gospel message we are called to proclaim frees others and teaches victorious living.

That is the legacy that Don leaves behind.  He taught victorious living in more ways than one.  Most of all he taught how to enjoy life, to explore life and to expand life.  It all began with Jesus and those around him.  It is the same for us.

Have a victorious day!


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