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We had a staff retreat today if you call it a retreat.  We go off the church campus so we can spend some uninterrupted time planning for the future.  It is a daunting task since you dealing with such finite minds.  Preparation pays off in the long run but it is not everything.  I am reminded of a verse in Exodus where Moses defines the provisions of God and men.

A day’s portion every day.  Exodus 16:4

It is said that the twenty-four hours should be divided thus: Eight hours for work, eight for rest, eight for recreation, food, etc. There should be a counterpart of this in Christian living. Each day there should be a portion for work, a portion for restful meditation and sitting before the Lord, and a portion for the gathering of God’s manna.

Each day brings its own work. – God has created us for good works, and has prepared our pathway, so that we may come to them one by one. He has apportioned to each one some office to fulfill, some service to render, some function in the spiritual body of our Lord. It is comforting to know that we have not to scheme for ourselves, but to look up for guidance into the Divine plan.  Even when you retreat.

Each day brings its own difficulties. – God spreads them over our days, giving each day only what we can sustain.  As F.B. Meyer put it long ago, "The servant might be startled were he told that he would have to carry the coals, which it has taken two horses and a great cart to bring to her master’s door; but she will be comforted by being reminded that they will be borne upstairs only a coal scuttle full at a time."  I wonder how many of you know what a coal scuttle is?  Email me if you do.

Each day brings its own supply. – No Israelite could point to his store of manna and congratulate himself that he was proof against any famine that might befall. The lesson of daily trust for daily bread was constantly being enforced; for as the day came the manna fell. Those who followed the cloud were always certain of their sustenance. Where the cloud brooded the manna fell. Whatever any day may bring there always will be within reach of you, lying ready prepared on the sands of the desert, just what you require. Go and collect it; there will be no lack.

Planning is of little value if I do not take care of today’s work.  My attention to duty increases my ability to dream and to grow. 


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