Abundance Answered

Things you probably didn’t know about abundance:

  • One of the words for abundance in the Greek New Testament is hyperbole.  The English word of the same spelling is derived from it and literally means, "to throw far beyond".
  • When the English Pilgrims sailed to the New World, one of their number wrote that they dreamed of making their new home ‘a land of the abundant life for all nations’.

"Now to him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to him be glory in the church and by Jesus Christ throughout the ages."  Ephesians 3:20,21 MKJV

Paul understood abundance as well as need.  He constantly chided the believers he taught for living beneath the life Jesus had come to give them.  He knew they were overcomers, shining ones, heirs of the good gifts of God.  In fact, when Paul’s churches misbehaved and he searched for some phrase to describe their behavior, he settled on ‘mere men’.  In other words, the worst thing Paul could think of to call Christians who had compromised themselves was that they were merely human, merely existing.  They had slipped beneath the glory God had designed for them.

The key to the abundant life is found in something Paul told the Ephesians.  He told them that there is a power in the believer that is capable of doing far more than human beings can ask or imagine.  This is the dream of the human heart restored.  Ask for it, take it for your own and refuse to live with anything less.

"The abundant life is far more than material prosperity.  It is the life of a heart fulfilled."  Harold Paul

Today’s Wisdom – Give someone a thoughtful gift, even a book.

"A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men."  Proverbs 18:16

Today’s Reading Plan

Morning: Judges 6-7               Evening:  Luke 8:1-21

Today’s Humor

"Doctor, there is a man here who thinks he’s invisible." The doctor says, "Tell him I can’t see him!"

Today’s Prayer

Give God praise for a good report for Rita Coates.  The problem appears to be a bulged disc in the back but that’s a good report.

Don’t forget Family Hour Wednesday evening.  See you then.


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