Thomas Morgan Asks a Good Question

Several years ago, I was in a Bible study in which we were studying the Sermon on the Mount. It was most interesting because of the diversity of people we had in the study. You remember that passage, "Blessed are the peacemakers…" The discussion centered on the situation in the world today. On the wars and famines, and the terrorism, the factions.

Many in the group mentioned how they hoped that somehow God would work in the world today and bring about peace. One of the ladies in the room, said something, which just grabbed me. She said, “It seems like God and Jesus Christ is calling us to be ‘peacemakers,’ not just ‘peace-hopers.’" This is one of those statements where we all have to stop and examine what we are doing, just as James asks us to. "Is what I am doing right now—right here, in the family, in the workplace, at the church—does it make me a peacemaker?"

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