Learn to Wait

A boy growing up had the ugliest bicycle ever seen. It was a hand-me-down made from the parts of other bicycles. It was so ugly it didn’t even have handlebar grips. He was always complaining that his hands would slip off the slick handlebars. He pestered his dad to buy him some handlebar grips, but his dad kept refusing.
One day, his dad took him to the Western Auto hardware store. Near the front door, there were some new handlebar grips for sale. They were plastic and had long streamers hanging from the ends. He said, "Daddy, Daddy, I’ve just GOT to have these handlebar grips! Please, Daddy!" His dad looked and him and said, "No, son, you don’t need those grips. Now come with me to the back of the store."
As he followed his dad, my friend was bitter and frustrated. Under his breath, he was muttering, "I never get ANYTHING. It’s just a lousy three dollars! My dad sure is mean!" When they got to the back of the store, the owner wheeled out a shiny, brand new bicycle—complete with handlebar grips with plastic streamers. My friend’s dad said, "Here, son, it’s an early birthday present. I wouldn’t buy you any handlebar grips because I ordered you this new bicycle!"
My friend was ecstatic! As he wheeled his new bike out the front door, he never even gave those handlebar grips a glance.
Sometimes when you ask God for something, He has something better in store for you!

Learn to wait.  Michael

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