Isn’t It Strange

Isn’t it strange how we can spend hours and hours with good friends, talk a lot, do things together, and yet not really know them? Or how unknown we can be to those we work with, plan with, eat with, talk with? Sometimes this is because we don’t want to be known. The risk is too great. Maybe we won’t be liked if we reveal ourselves to others. At other times it is because we choose not to make the effort to get to know others, though they may desperately want to be known.

Jesus lived with his disciples for three years. He chose them, taught them, worked miracles before their eyes, prayed with and for them, and taught them to pray. He loved them deeply and attempted to reveal himself and the Father. But when it was time for him to die, and they didn’t fully know who he was. Thankfully, Jesus didn’t give up. He tenderly leads them to this knowledge of himself as he prepares them for his departure from this world.

Isn’t it strange how we can spend hours and hours with the church, talk a lot, do things together and not really be prepared for our departure from this world. Christ has chosen you and wants to reveal himself to you. He wants to lead you to an intimate knowledge of himself so you will be prepared. Talk to him!

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