I am… the lily of the valleys  (Song of Solomon 2:1).

Because of its graceful design and serene elegance, the lily has become known as “the queen of flowers.” There is something uniquely beautiful and sensitive about the lily. It is both the loveliest and the lowliest of the lovable. There are hundreds of species and thousands of varieties of lilies, each of which reflects its own special charm. The lily is employed to illustrate beauty of character, purity of life, and serenity of personality. The white lily, for example, is well known as a symbol of moral purity, innocence, and sincerity. For centuries, the lily has been regarded as a sign of the resurrection. This has given rise to the widespread cultivation and use of the famous Easter lily.

The poetic portrait of Christ as the lily of the valleys is rich in meaning. It is an exquisite description of the purity, loveliness, and cheerful submission of Jesus Christ. The title, “lily of the valleys,” is an admirable metaphor of the divine nature, spotless character, and matchless beauty of Jesus.

The lily is an appropriate gift for all seasons and all occasions. Whether in festivity or in mourning, it is always appropriate. Likewise, Christ’s presence is always appropriate and in keeping with human need. In all the vicissitudes of life, joyous or sad, the presence of the lily of the valleys will satisfy all our hopes and aspirations. Only the lily of the valleys can bring holiness and wholeness to a society plagued by evil and dominated by the bizarre and the grotesque.

As the lily of the valleys, Jesus Christ is precious and constant to us. Ellen White admonishes: “We must look away from the disagreeable to Jesus. We must love Him more and obtain more of His attractive beauty and grace of character.”–That I May Know Him. p. 136.

My Prayer Today: Lord, may the beauty of the lily of the valleys enrich my life today. Amen!

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