Build Them Not Just Save Them

If we are to copy Jesus’ total ministry, then the Church must reach out both in evangelism and in the establishing of converts. As the converts grow, they, too, can be taught how to equip and train other believers who in turn will reach others through the process of spiritual multiplication.

Churches with an overemphasis on baptisms and programs must reconsider Christ’s command to make disciples. Saving souls and building disciples are inseparably linked in Scripture.

In reviewing my motivation to disciple others, I remember how someone cared for me—and how my life was changed by that loving care and the subsequent flow into my life of what he had learned from God.

I have observed that the results of disciple making are consistently better than anything I have experienced in thirty years of working with people. There are several reasons for this.

Discipling is one of the most strategic ways to have an unlimited personal ministry. It may be done at any time, by anyone, anywhere, and among any age group.

Discipling is the most flexible of ministries, since it need not be done within any time frame or organizational structure.

Discipling is the fastest and surest way to mobilize the whole body of Christ for evangelism. The goal of discipling is not just more disciples, for a club comprised of saved souls will soon die without effective penetration into the lost world. Making disciples in all nations becomes both a result of evangelizing and a means to the accomplishment of world evangelization.

Discipling has more long-range potential for fruit than any other ministry. The Lord wants us to be rooted and built up in him and established in the faith. This takes time and care. Caring for people is the essential component. Follow-up is done by someone rather than something.

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