Thought for the Coming Week

The Scriptures often use images of light and darkness to describe
the impact of God’s Reign on the world. The works of evil, often
done in secret with much deception and obscuring of the truth, are
described as darkness which makes it harder for us to see and
navigate the world effectively, and which brings much pain and
struggle into our lives.

The Reign of God, however, is described as a
light which illuminates our lives, directing and warming us, and
protecting us from the effects of darkness. These images are also
used by the Gospel writers to describe the ministry of Jesus, which
is why Jesus referred to himself as the light of the world.

As we seek to follow Jesus, we are called to embrace God’s light
and to turn away from the darkness. This means that we must learn
to become people of truth, integrity, faithfulness, grace and justice
who oppose dishonesty, expediency, insincerity and injustice. This is
why Jesus also called his followers the light of the world. To fight the
darkness we need only to let our little light shine, as the old Sunday
School song said.

Watch each morning this week for a minute study.

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