Try a Little Kindness

Reading: Philippians 2:12-22
It may be tempting to think of our task as “lights of the
world” as something difficult and dramatic that can only be done by
some specially gifted people. But, the apostle Paul was very clear
that all Christians are called to shine God’s light. The way he
describes how we do this is neither difficult nor dramatic, but simple
and natural. We are to reject complaining and arguing. We are to
live clean and innocent lives – avoiding the cynicism, crookedness
and brokenness of the world around us. And we are to be faithful,
both in following God’s word and in serving others. As we do these
little things each day, God’s light shines through us.
Paul’s companion, Timothy, is a good example of living in the light.
While others were selfish and self-interested, Timothy was caring,
compassionate and selfless. He worked alongside Paul, supporting
him and acting as his messenger while he was in prison. Paul’s
ministry would definitely not have been nearly as effective if not for
such faithful friends.

Practice for Today: The practice of serving others can often be
summed up in one simple word: kindness. When we treat everyone
with kindness, we bring joy, wholeness, acceptance and strength
into their lives. While kindness costs us very little, the blessing it
brings to those around us is valuable beyond measure. Today, serve
your friends and neighbors through simple acts of kindness.

Prayer for Today: As you have served me with great
kindness, Jesus, so I serve those around me.

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