A Lamb Is at the Center of the Throne, Not an Elephant or Donkey

 Rev. 7:17

     Lord Jesus, sometimes all it takes is a pithy Tweet to reel in my racing, ambivalent, conflicted thoughts. A dear friend, David Cassidy, lasered a bit of Gospel-sanity to my heart last night at just the right time. Accordingly, I slept so well. 

     Indeed, you, Lord Jesus—the Lamb of God, are perched squarely, joyfully, sovereignly at the center of the Throne of thrones. Not a Donkey or Elephant—the symbols of mere humans doing mere American politics. But you—the Lamb of God, who took away the sins of the world, you are reigning over all things for your glory, and working in all things for our good. Hallelujah, a gazillion times over. 

     This declaration by the aging Apostle John invites us to fill our hearts with a vision of what is and will be forever. What a worship-fueling, hope-enlarging, holy paradox. A Lamb is presently our King and will be our Shepherd forever. 

     You have only and always served us, Lord Jesus—in creation and redemption. And even in eternity, you will lead us to springs of living water. Because of your finished work, current reign, and certain return… all our tears, and all the pain behind every tear your Bride has ever wept, will be wiped, and redeemed. Our hope is in a Lamb, not a Donkey or Elephant. So very Amen we pray, in your tender and triumphant name.  

Sam Storms

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