Oh, Those Bright, Shiny Objects

John 1:29-34

John the Baptiser was an amazing person, with an incredible vision of
God’s purposes, and he gave Jesus an amazing title – the Lamb of God. In
the book of Revelation this image is expanded, and Christ is described as a
lamb who has been slain. Somehow, John received a tremendous insight
into who Jesus was and what he came to do. As he baptised Jesus. God’s
Spirit opened his eyes to understand how Jesus would stand with human
beings and bring healing and restoration to them. His description of Jesus
as the lamb may even indicate an awareness of how Jesus would lay down
his life for the sake of love. Perhaps it was John’s years in the wilderness
that had enabled him to develop this strong capacity to hear God’s voice,
and to recognise the work of God’s Spirit.

The ability to recognize God’s activity is not just available to some special
people like John. It is a capacity that we can all enjoy, if we will just do the
work. Like John it often takes years in the “wilderness” of prayer, of the
study of Scripture, of Christian community to really begin to see things from
God’s perspective. But, if we continue to faithfully nurture our relationship
with God, we may also receive such divine insight.

One of the reasons we struggle to hear and see God is that our lives are
filled with so much noise and so many ‘bright shiny objects’ that capture
our attention. Today, take time whenever you can to slow down and listen.
Create moments of stillness and allow God’s Spirit to awaken your
awareness of God’s presence and activity in your life.

Open my eyes and ears, God—I long to recognise your Spirit’s work.

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