Like Talking to a Mule

It may sound strange to talk about a prophet who lacked integrity, but
that’s exactly what Balaam was. As the people of Israel got closer to the
Promised Land at the end of their wilderness wanderings, the king of Moab,
who was afraid of them because of the way they had defeated other
armies, called for Balaam to come and curse them. When Balaam asked
God if he should go, God told him clearly not to. But, when the king sent a
second delegation, offering to pay him handsomely, Balaam suddenly had
to check with God again, and this time he heard ‘God’ say he could go.
Sounds like a crisis of integrity to me!

As we seek to follow Christ there will often be temptations that will
challenge our convictions, our values, and our commitment to God’s ways.
It is all too easy to try and justify doing what we want, but in the end, we
know that we have violated our integrity. The challenge is to stay faithful to
God’s call even when no one is watching. It was this kind of integrity that
ensured that even the forces of evil could not resist Jesus’ authority!

Commitment is a difficult word for many, but it is the essence of integrity.
When we practice commitment—following through on what we believe and
promise—we are living as Christ did, as people of integrity. Today, identify
the commitments God has called you to make, and embrace them as a

Keep me faithful, O God, to your ways.

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