One and the Same

It is encouraging to see how Jesus moved so easily from serving a friend’s
mother-in-law to serving a whole town. Perhaps we can’t all do this. Some
of us are, perhaps, more able to serve one-on-one, bringing God’s grace
to individuals one at a time. In this way, we represent one aspect of Christ’s
grace to others. Others of us may be more effective at serving groups but
find one-on-one ministry difficult. In this way, we represent the other aspect
of Christ’s grace. Both of these are valid and valuable ways to serve. When
we can partner with each other, so that both individuals and groups are
well served, then we are able to more fully embody Christ’s message and
grace. This is one of the reasons why the congregation remains an important

However, we may serve, though, it’s important to take note of the fact that
even Jesus needed to take time out by himself to pray, to rest, and to
recharge his energies. When we fail to manage our health like this, our
ministry will inevitably begin to lose its effectiveness. We do well, though,
when we follow Christ’s example, and make time for the things that restore
us. Then, when we have recharged, we can return to service with
enthusiasm and strength.

At the start of our worship, we often employ a practice that opens us to
God’s restoring, energizing Spirit. It’s called ‘invocation’ and it means to
call on God’s Spirit to move among us and within us again.

Today, why not try invoking the Spirit of God whenever you need wisdom, guidance,
energy, or grace to serve?

Come, Holy Spirit, empower me again that I may serve faithfully as you call
me to.

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