Are You Fragrant?

In a few days, people will gather for Ash Wednesday, and move into the discipline
and penitence for the Lenten season. But, before we get there, we must first
journey with Jesus and his disciples to the top of a mountain and witness
the glory of the Transfiguration. Today we begin our preparation for our
celebration of this amazing event.

In Paul’s letter we read that followers of Christ are called to “spread the
knowledge of Christ”. We often understand this to be about telling other
people about our faith and challenging them to make a commitment to
Christ. But here the Apostle speaks of the ‘fragrance’ of our lives. It’s not
only about our words, but about how we live. Some people will react
negatively to the grace and justice of God. But, for many people, the thing
that will make the biggest difference is when they experience God’s
presence and love – God’s ‘fragrance’—through who we are, what we do,
and how we treat them. In this way we become those who reveal God’s
glory to the world.

If we seek to reflect the glory of God, we need to open ourselves to see and
experience God’s glory. The practice of praise is designed to do exactly this
for us. Today, seek to praise God in all things, not just through your words,
but through God-honoring actions and attitudes as well.

I praise you for your glory, O God, which always seeks to be revealed in
me and in the world.

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