Found Wanting

We easily pray to see God’s glory, and so we should! But we may not be
aware of the implications of our prayers. The Psalms shows us that God
is always seeking to reveal God’s self to us and make God’s glory known.
But, when God is seen or experienced in a new way, the world changes—or
at least, it changes for us. In a similar way, we are changed—we are
‘judged’. This is less about God ‘punishing’ us, and more about how God’s
glory evaluates or measures us, exposing both the good and the not so
good in us.

If we seek encounters with God, we need to recognize that our experience
of God will challenge us. We must be willing to have our goodness
revealed and to receive a call to continue to be ‘in covenant’ with God. We
must also be willing to have our ‘injustices’ exposed, and for God to
challenge us to live in ways that are more closely aligned with God’s

In order to encounter God’s glory, we often need to wait on God, and
meditate on God’s presence. Then, as we open ourselves to God through
silence and stillness, our awareness of God and God’s glory grows, leading
us to an experience of encounter with God. Today, make time to meditate
on God and wait for God’s glory to be revealed to you.

As I wait on you, show me your glory, O God.

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