Defund Refund

Minneapolis started with an $8 million budget cut but the results have been near-catastrophic: Violent crime shot up by 21% in 2020, and police are taking longer to respond to 911 calls. So the city council unanimously voted last week to put $6 million back. 

Randy Sutton of the Law Enforcement News Network says the city deserves an I-told-you-so response.

 “What this shows is the disconnect between the political machine in Minneapolis and the people,” he tells One News Now. “What was inevitable happened — that is that people became victimized by predators who are criminals.” 

The so-called “woke” liberals in Minneapolis woke up but it may be too late: hundreds of police officers have turned in their badges and walked away, and Sutton says it is easier to replace police department funds than cops who were told they’re not wanted and appreciated. 

“It takes several years to replace and train a police officer to the competency level that they need to be,” the veteran law enforcement officer explains. “This is already a snowball that is moving down the mountain and it’s going to roll over a lot of people.”

Sutton adds the same problem is going to happen in major U.S. cities such as New York City and Los Angeles, and liberal Seattle is on the same track as well where the defund-the-police effort continues today, he warns. 

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