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Christian finance expert Dave Ramsey is in the news after being taken to court for firing a female employee for allegedly having premarital sex.

Ramsey Solutions, the company owned by author and radio host Ramsey, is disputing a former employee’s claim that she was fired because she was pregnant.

It is reported that lawyers for Ramsey Solutions stated in a March 8 court filing that the employee was fired because she had premarital sex. The company, based in Franklin, Tennessee, has more than 500 employees.

According to NBC, Ramsey says it has fired at least nine employees in recent years for having premarital sex. One of those fired workers says in a federal lawsuit that she was fired because she was pregnant.

Caitlin O’Connor, an employee at Ramsey Solutions, filed the lawsuit last year in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee alleging that her firing violated the Family Medical Leave Act and discriminated against her because of her sex.

O’Connor was hired by the company in 2016 and worked as an administrative assistant to the information technology department prior to her termination.

In a response this month, the company said that it had fired O’Connor for violating its “righteous living” policy and that her discrimination claim was not supported.

According to The Christian Post, the company has reportedly stated that it has a “Company Conduct” provision in the company’s handbook, which states: “The image of Ramsey Solutions is held out to be Christian. Should a team member engage in behavior not consistent with traditional Judeo-Christian values or teaching, it would damage the image and the value of our good will and our brand. If this should occur, the team member would be subject to review, probation, or termination.”

The company’s code of conduct also reportedly incorporates a “righteous living” policy, which prohibits premarital sex.

The company’s website is up front about its employee moral code. “We have a moral code of conduct at our office,” states Ramsey. “I fire people if they have extramarital affairs. The hilarious thing is I put that on Twitter and people go, “Won’t you get sued for that?” Uh, no, you’re allowed to discriminate against infidelity. I’ve got a right to tell my employees whatever I want to tell them.”

Ramsey, 58, is one of America’s most trusted sources for financial advice. His syndicated radio program, “The Dave Ramsey Show,” is among the top five talk radio shows in the United States, and is heard by 13 million listeners each week on more than 600 radio stations, according to Ramsey’s website.

As an evangelical Christian, Ramsey uses biblically-based principles to teach his followers how to improve their financial conditions. He often advises others to avoid debt because Proverbs 22:7 states, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

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