When Our Leaders Can’t Get Their Stories Straight

I read an email this morning from one Andrew Torba. Let me share a few remarks before you read his text. As Christians, we do not have to be right but do the right thing. We don’t have to even argue with others over issues. But we do have to be prepared to give an answer for what we believe. I have been vaccinated as well as my family but will not support vaccinating my grandchildren until longitudinal studies have been completed.

What Andrew addresses here is a political and national struggle that will effect the lives of our children. Take time to read the email, consider and pray. You may forward but know that Andrew’s email has been taken down and I have edited for the sake of light over heat. Here is the text of the email:

How can you think straight and make rational decisions when each and everyday you hear conflicting and contradictory information from “authoritative” sources? You can’t. No one can. That’s the whole point. That’s why the powers that be are doing this.
Welcome to the secular hell of a post-truth world.
We just need 15 days to slow the spread. Now we need a month. Maybe a year. Never mind, we didn’t need to lockdown at all and it caused more harm than good.
Don’t take any vaccine that they rushed to market. You didn’t get the vaccine, are you nuts? The vaccine is highly effective. Oops it looks like highly vaccinated Israel is having a major outbreak. Get the vaccine or lose your job.
Are you keeping up? This is the reality of living in a post-truth world.
They want us shell shocked with rapidly changing information overload which leads to option paralysis and fear.
While we are all dazed and confused while this chaos is destroying families, small businesses, and entire nations. They are rigging elections, they are botching troop withdrawals, ventilating the American border, they are buying up single family homes and pricing you out of the market, they are printing endless money and inflating your currency.
They are transferring trillions of dollars in wealth to themselves and shutting up each and every last voice of dissent to it all while doing it.
All while the while you worry about a virus that statistically you have a 99% chance of surviving with the immune system God gave you.
It’s exhausting and impossible to keep up with by design. It’s meant to drain you mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you submit to their control. Don’t.
In the post-truth world anything goes. Chaos reigns. Those who create the chaos manifest their means of control. Do not give them one inch. Stand your ground. Hold the line.
Christians need to reject this post-truth world.
We have absolute Truth in Jesus Christ and His Gospel as a firm foundation on which to stand. God is our authority. In the darkness of chaos Jesus is the Light that leads us to salvation. Jesus indeed saves. That is the fundamental Truth of the Gospel. Now more then ever we need saving. We need Truth. We need Order.
Though they seek to divide us against each other, we must love one another, obey God, and humble ourselves enough to fully depend on Him in this time of great trial.
I know we can do it, because we serve the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of the universe.
May you find comfort in His Truth and keep the faith.

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